Iron and Fire Season 2


Iron and Fire is a reality TV season premiere, which will present you the peculiarities of Daniel Casey life. Here in the center of attention appear his friends and family. Each person has a successful business, so they story will be interesting for people of different ages.


Now we must mention the cast of the actors. Here you will find a lot of talented people, who have brilliant actor skills. Among them we must mention the following:

  • Daniel Casey. He was born and live in Ozarks. And with the time he became blacksmith. He has not so perfect childhood – at the age of 12 the boy made his first knife. Than he was appreciated to the Hershel House. Now he works with knifes, guns, rifles, and other instruments by using only the traditional methods. In that season he lives in Arkansas.
  • Charlie Casey. When he is 23 years old, he decided to leave a family and come out the Arkansas. Now he works as a customer service representative and as a machinist. When the time had gone, he returned home and his family was very lucky.
  • Jonathan Kulik. He is at the age of 18 and now he is in the U. S. Army. After he got his money for service, he decided to return to Arkansas. He was so glad to see his wife and their beautiful daughter Emily.
  • Joe Casey. He is the patriarch in the family. Earlier he served in the U. S. Marine Corps and also he was at Vietnam. His wife Janie raised 8 children and she think, that she is the happiest woman in the world.
  • Bob Thatcher. He is a Renaissance man and he had not so big amount of friends because of his character.


Here in the center you can see Charlie, who is the younger Brother of Daniel. He is a restless spirit and now he returned home after the college. Also here you will see ex-paratrooper Johnathan, who is a nephew of Daniel. He loves to work with wood and to create knifes ad other weapons. That’s why he decided to open the shop.

Joe is the most important man in the family. He is an ex-military man and he like to organize family picnics. Also here appear Bob.

This group of people work hard to live in good conditions, but there are a lot of unexpected situations in life, in which they cannot find the quit.


Each new episode of the new season will amaze you. The Iron and Fire 2 Season release date is the 18th of May this year. When we talk about season air date, such information will be available.

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