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On the global television Australian projects which have earned much popularity and can be considered truly successful may be met not often. When it comes to such a genre as a crime documentary series, the audience often recalls the Western programs, but one of the series produced in Australia, deserves no less attention. This is Inside Story, the show which has already been broadcasted since 2014. By today on Nine Network channel it has been presented for 3 full seasons, and most of its fans are worried about the next issue: when does Inside Story Series 4 premiere? Release date of the new episode is still unknown. The renewed series is likely to be released soon, so the lovers of a true-crime story are waiting for the new season air date with great tension and hope that the coming series will not be worse than before.

Authors and Creators

Inside Story Season 4 Cast
The first season of Inside Story was first presented to the audience on February 26, 2014 on Nine Network, an Australian commercial channel. Bu today it has been broadcasted for 17 episodes (the running time of each episode is about one hour).
The presenter of the series is Leila McKinnon. As the show is characterized as a true-crime documentary among its cast are the next reporters:

  • Tom Steinfort;
  • Alicia Loxley;
  • Deborah Knight and others.

The schedule and number of episodes in the next season is still unknown, but its return is likely to be connected with not less than 6 parts.

Brief Review

Inside Story Season 4 Spoiler
The basic idea of the show is a thorough investigation of the crimes, which were previously considered impossible to be fully disclosed. And all the cases are connected not only with Australia, but also with the world on the whole. The format of the program involves the work on unusual cases of disappearance, murder, tragic stories, etc. One of the episodes of the show is linked to the mysterious disappearance of an airliner, another one – with the story of the human who was born without the lower part of the body.
The authors carried out a good work to make sure that all the shooting took place in the atmosphere of total immersion in the story and looked documentary and believable. All the matches are real, the creators have tried to ensure the viewer and prove in reality all the subtleties of any mysterious or mystical event, trying as much as possible to understand the situation in detail. The fans of the series particularly appreciate the style of presenting the information, its accuracy and validity.

Viewers’ Expectations

The first season premiere in 2014 was watched by about 0.8 million viewers. During the broadcasting of the next seasons on Nine Network this figure turned to be a bit lower and by the end of series 3 was about 0.5 million. Anyway, season four is being awaited with great interest; the new season release date will be announced as soon as all the authors and producers come to the same conclusion that the show must go on.


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