Ink Master Season 7 Release Date

Ink Master Season 7 Release Date


Spike TV updated the news about its extremely popular tattoo-related show called Ink Master. It seems that there is no much time left to wait for Ink Master season 7 release date. The show will premiere on March 7, 2016. Below you will find some news about the upcoming Ink Master season 7 release date and episodes.

The sixth season of the show is on air since the September 2015 and all its episodes received the highest ratings during the existence of the show – 1,8 million per episode.

In addition to Ink Master 7 season release date, the producers announced about a number of episodes. There will be 13 full-time episodes in the upcoming season.


Regular hosts are Dave Navarro, Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck. In Ink Master season 7 premiere you will see such contestants – Alex Rockoff, Anthony Michaels, Ashley Velazquez, Christian Buckingham, Cleen Rock One, Corey David, Cris Gherman, James Vaughn, Jime Litwalk, Matti Hixson, Megan Jean Morris, Picasso Dular, Sarah Miller, Sausage, St. Marq and Jesse Smith


The legendary guitarist Dave Navarro, who worked with Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Marlyn Manson, Guns n’Roses, Christina Aguilera, Tommy Lee and many others in January of 2012 on the American cable television channel Spike launched the new reality show Ink Master.

This is the competition show among the ten tattoo artists for the right to wear the same title of the TV show Ink Master. A tech is for the main prize it is $ 100,000. The format of the show is basically a copy of similar competition shows  such as "Top Model …".

Usually, the competition between the participants begins with the demonstration of their skills, for example, in drawing tattoo sketches. The winner of this round can choose a location on a body, that will be tattooed. Then they were given four to six hours to reproduce the sketches on a body of a volunteer. Upon completion the judges select the winner and the loser of each round. The judges of each episode include three hosts, but sometimes there is the fourth member of the jury, which often is a famous tattoo artist or a celebrity.


  • Among the guests of the popular TV show were Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman;
  • The show has the spin-off called as Ink Master: Redemption that was prolonged for the second season;
  • One of the Ink Master’s winners Scott Marshall was found dead in October of 2015, from a heart attack at the age of 41 years;
  • The TV show has been already renewed for the 8th season:
  • Currently, there are 79 episodes of Ink Master that were broadcasted.

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Initiation Part I – Ink Master, Season 7

The Ink Master Veterans Return – Ink Master, Season 7

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