Ice Road Truckers Season 11

Ice Road Truckers Season 11 Release Date


On History Channel Ice Road Truckers Season 11 started to launch.

That is a reality TV series. Here you can see the story about drivers, who use the trucks for crossing their season routes. On their way, they always see the frozen rivers and lakes. The last series of 10th season premiere show their move from Alaska to Dalton Highway. But now we are talking about the newest season about Manitoba`s winter roads.


Among the most talented actors, who play their roles in such serial we can name a lot of people. Here we can underline such cast:

  • Alex Debogorski and Hugh Rowland.
  • Drew Sherwood and Rick Yemm.
  • T. J. Tilcox and Jay Westgard.
  • Bear Swensen and Eric Dufrence.
  • Lisa Kelly and Jack Jessee.
  • Tim Freeman and George Spears.
  • Ray Veilleux and Greg Boadwine.
  • Dave Redmon and Tony Molesky.
  • Darell Ward and Maya Sieber.
  • Austin Wheeler and Ronald Mangum.
  • Todd Dewey and Art Burke.
  • Mike Simmons and Joey Barnes.
  • Steph Custance.

The narrators are Tom Cotcher and Thom Beers. Among the producers, we must mention David McKIllop, Thom Beers, Dolores Gavin, Phillip Segal, Adam Martin, Aron Plucinski, Dawn Fitzgerald.


Here in the 11th season, you can see the story about Lisa, Alex, and Todd, who are the drivers. Each of them has his own company to travel. As a very pleasant moment here we can underline the appearance of the new driver. Her name is Stephanie Custance. She is only 22 years old, but she thinks, that it would be a great experience to take part in such wheel travel.

Because of Stephanie drivers have some problems on their way and some of them just want to help her. She has a lack of experience, but she is sure, that everything will be all right and she will reach her aim.


As you can understand, such serial, especially that season will be very interesting for people, who are the truck drivers and ordinary drivers will estimate such plot, because here you can see all the difficulties on the way to the finish.

The duration of one new episode is approximately 45-48 minutes, so you can see it from the first till the last, even when you have any problem in the lack of time. Besides, you must pay attention, that the Ice Road Truckers 11 Season release date is the 4th of September this year. That is also a season air date.

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