Humans 2 Season Release Date

Humans 2 season release date

Humans 2 season release date was scheduled. The details about Humans 2 season premiere are given below.

This summer many viewers started to watch Humans 1 season premiere. This is an American version of the popular Swedish TV show. The ratings seem to be good that is why we should expect for Humans season 2 episode 1 premiere in the next year.

The Plot:

The plot takes place in a parallel world, in a parallel reality. It is here that the enormous popularity reached completely new gadgets. It is not just cell phones or computers. They work like robot servants for a real human. By the way, their appearance is almost impossible to distinguish from ordinary people. It’s very scary. One family, who lives in the suburbs, decides to buy such a robot.
They do not see anything wrong with that, but, on the contrary, believe that the robot will facilitate their life. The main characters are not even as lives near the machine are complex, and how it is possible.
Everyone knows that any very close contact human and artificial intelligence does not always end well for the entire population of the planet. The main characters were not aware of this danger and are now at a loss.

Humans 2 season release date was scheduled

A huge number of viewers already liked Humans 1 season. This is not surprising because in the recent paintings of artificial intelligence, or robots are very popular.
The first season in Sweden was ended with the great success. Now many fans wonder when will be Humans 2 season release date?
Supposed Humans 2 season release date is planned for summer of 2016.
DVD release date of Humans 2 season is scheduled for autumn of 2016.
Humans 2 season release date on Bluray must be expected in autumn of 2016.
For now watch Humans 1 season release trailer:

Will you wait for Humans 2 season premiere?

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