Hooten & the Lady Season 2

Do you miss action like Indiana Jones in your life? This series is tailored specifically to you, thus. The developers of the project as Tony Jordan and Simon Winstone promise that adventure will the pivotal part of the narration. These are the heads of the behind-the-scene crew that also includes such professionals as:

  • James Payne,
  • Sarah Phelps,
  • Jeff Povey,
  • Richard Zajdic.

The studio from which the series hails is Red Planet Pictures. Michael Landes and Ophelia Lovibond lead the acting cast.
Hooten & the Lady Season 2 Cast
The freshman season release date was September 16, 2016. The Sky1 channel has distributed the action series since then. The first season premiere is composed of eight episodes with the volume of each constituting one hour.

Plot Summary

There are two opposite characters in the narrative – an American daredevil Ulysses Hooten and a British young lady from a noble family named Lady Alex Spencer-Parker. What can bring them to spend their time together in the various remote corners of our planet? In a tight collaboration, they search for the replies that can explain the fascinating mysteries in our world. What are these mysteries? Specifically, they try to find Percy Fawcett’s lost camp in the Amazon forest, the last Faberge egg in Siberia, Roman catacombs, the ancient city of Alexandria, and many other places and things.
They are treasure hunters unwilling to cooperate with each other at first. Yet then with the time passing, they turn to the perfect group of searchers whose collaboration brings prosperity.

Audience Response and Renewal Potential

Hooten & the Lady Season 2 Spoiler
All critical opinions are unanimous in defining the project as one with the high-quality production. It is even compared to Indiana Jones. Yet the series under discussion seems to fit the teenage audience more than the adult viewership.
In any case, the adventure series is received as a captivating one though the characters and situations presented serve as stereotypical.
The score on IMDb equals average 6.5 points out of 10. The viewership is also middling – 0.8 million watchers per each new episode.

Strong Chances of Renewal

Nothing is known of the series future now. Yet we should not speed up the things. Only the first installment has been given a start. The next cycle can appear only next year, according to the predictions.
When can the following season air date be exposed? The Hooten & the Lady season 2 release date can become known also only next year yet the revival can be confirmed already in the near future. Stay tuned for news together with our service!



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