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Holmes: Buy It Right is a new serial, which will present you a lot of renovation ideas, which can be used in one or another manner. The season premiere was on November this year and the second one is already available. The Holmes: Buy It Right 2 Season release date is the 18th of December in the year of 2016.


Talking about the cast of characters, it is important to present you, Mike Holmes. He is the only man, who is ready to present his professionalism and the wish to help the people, who really needs this help.

The producers of the serial are Carl Buehl, Matt Dawson, Mike Holmes, Lilian Langston, Christen Nash, Bridger Pierce, Mark Pierce, Chris Richardson, Libby Riddle, Stephen Buskey, Chris Bavelles, Arianne Ribiero, Ajax Broome. The editors are Tyson Dupuis, Elgin Smith, Drew Granbois, Reuben Vold, Stephen Buskey, Andrew Bentler, Jason Harrison, Kevin McGuinness, Adam E. Winkler.


Here you will see the Story, which will present all the peculiarities of buying a house in the small details. Holmes is the central character here and he has a great experience, so he can afford people the most prospective houses to buy and he always likes to help his clients to make the right choice.

Holmes works as an estate agent for many years, so he knew, what the details must be taken into account and what must the person do in order to buy the outstanding house and live here happy and without any worries.

Of course, a good house will have a big price, but the Main idea of this talented man is to present the houses by the available prices, which will amaze the people of different ages. He tries to help his clients to overcome all the troubles, which may occur while buying the house. So, that’s why a lot of people try to collaborate only with Mike.


This serial will be unforgettable for you, especially if you are planning to buy the house in future. Mike will show you all the difficulties and you will be ready for them. Besides, you will know, what things must be taken into account without any question.

Each new episode is really great and you will notice it while watching the new season.

When it is important to name the season air date, you may use the information from this article. 

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