Hit the Floor Season 4

As of now, the serial “Hit the Floor” is still on the fence. Its creators might decide its fate shortly. So let’s hope that it only a matter of time before a restart follows. After all, the series is worth more.

Some production details of the project

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Hit the Floor is an American serial broadcast on VH1. Debuted at the end of May 2013, the series is now at its third stage. The premiere of the latest chapter took place at the beginning of this year. The fans of the show are waiting for news about the possibility of a renewal of the project.
As for the crew, it is led by James LaRosa. The project is a product of “The Film Syndicate” company, which works with such production studios as In Cahoots Media. The crew of executives has Bryan Johnson, James LaRosa, Jill Holmes, Maggie Malina and Susan Levinson.
The acting cast includes such leading performers as Taylour Paige, Kimberly Hayes, Dean Cain, and some others.

What should we know about the plot?

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The story focuses on a former member of the NBA cheerleading crew. After moving to Los Angeles together with her single mother, she joins the team called “Devil Girls”.  Ahsha will now find out that the life of a member of this team doesn’t completely match her expectations. She struggles to become a real member of this cheerleading crew.
The situation becomes more difficult when it turns out that her mother Sloane is a former Devil Girl and her father is an ex-player in the team.

Current season, ratings and renewal chances

The overall score is above average. According to IMDb, the score of the series is practically 7 out of 10. Rotten Tomatoes have the same score. The commentaries are, unfortunately, not as favorable as expected. According to the reviews of some critics, the serial’s narrative is lacking in depth and intensity.
The total number of watchers during the airing constitutes about 3.5 million people, with a slight decrease during the run of the latest season.

When can we expect an official announcement about the resumption of this romantic story?

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The final episode of the third chapter came out at the very end of the preceding month. It seems like it’s about time to renew the project. But the creators keep silent for unknown reasons. And we have nothing else but assume that it will be just a matter of time.
As the serial is worth further production, we can guess that the Hit the Floor Season 4 release date will be announced shortly. Otherwise, the serial will be on the edge of being canceled. In any case, we should arm ourselves with patience and wait for the official news coming straight from the source.

Update: Hit the Floor Season 4 Release

The release date is yet to come out. How come we’re making an update now? It’s simple. We prefer to inform you, our dear subscribers, as soon as something comes up, even if it’s not a release date proper but something a little but more tentative. And that’s how things are right now.
The fourth season of this series is very likely to come out this series. Subscribe and you will find out more the moment the release date is out.


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