High School DxD 4 Season Release Date

High School DxD 4 season release date was confirmed. The fans of this popular anime TV show can wait for new episodes in 2015.

Haisukuru Di Di 4 season premiere or as Western fans prefer to call – High School DxD – will be released sooner than expected –  at the end of 2015. When to wait for High School DxD season 4 episode 1 release date?
Where will lead the development of the main characters of the story? Perhaps the answer to this question can be obtained from the latest plot of High School DxD 3 season. At least approximately. Here is our guess.
The Plot:
According to the storyline of High School DxD,  robe demons since ancient times fought for control of hell with exiled from Heaven fallen angels. In addition, their common enemy was angels sent by God against both races inhabiting Hell. During the endless wars, all three sides have suffered huge losses. In particular, during the war there were killed and Biblical Satan and God of the Bible. Because of this, a few hundred years ago, the warring parties have been forced to stop the war and did not determine the winner. However, the relationship between the parties remained strained. Due to huge losses among the population, the demons began to resurrect people like demons. Each person becomes a servant to turn it into the demon. In order to encourage new demons of self-development, a new rule was introduced – even by the servants of the people can be to know if they can become powerful demons.

High School DxD 4 season release date was confirmed

The story centers on a high school student Issei Hyoudou. Issei is a troubled schoolboy who has never had a girlfriend. But suddenly a beautiful girl Yuma Amano offers Issei to meet her. However, she kills him on the first date, explaining that the blame for a "Holy mechanism", which the Lord has placed in the Issei and which poses a threat to the fallen angels. Before his death, Issei is not realizing calls from a demon Rias Gremory, who decides to save him, turning to her like a demon and making him as her servant. He also becomes a member of the school club of the occult research, consisting entirely of demons leaded by Gremory. Learning from Gremory that it can become nobles to have their own servants, and build your own harem, Issei has a desire to climb the social ladder of demons. However, it appears that his magic powers are less than a child can have, and he cannot use even the simplest spells.
High School DxD 4 season release date is scheduled for December of 2015.
You will be able to watch High School DxD 4 season release date on DVD at the beginning of 2016.
High School DxD 4 season release date on Bluray is planned for January of 2016.
Watch High School DxD 3 season trailer:

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