Hibana (Spark) Season 2

The series under the title “Hibana” (in English “Spark”) has been given a start on Netflix finally in this past June 2016. The series has not replicated the novel success yet we can affirm with much sureness that the story has great chances of revival for the second cycle of new episodes. Stay tuned and you will get informed as soon as the changes in the situation with the project become exposed.

Making a short sketch of the series

The giant network called Netflix keeps getting traction by means of investing into various profitable projects, as for instance, Netflix’s first French original series Marseille. The adding of regional projects to the programming list is their new strategy. However, the article is about the series entitle “Hibana”.
Hibana (Spark) Season 2 Poster
It is a TV adaptation of the Japanese novel penned by comedian, scriptwriter, and poet Naoki Matayoshi. The idea to develop this story for viewers has turned to capture the minds of producers from Netflix and in June 2016, the first and so far the latest debut has been held.
The acting crew of the series contains such names as Namioka Kazuki and Hayashi Kento, the lead actors, as well as Hideaki Murata, Masao Yoshii, Mugi Kadowaki and some others.

Following the storyline

There are men in the struggling Manzai comedic duet Kamiya and Tokunaga.The latter one becomes the apprentice of the first man in exchange for promising to pen his biography.
The series narrative lacks in the usual tropes and has a semi-autobiographic foundation. Herewith, the story is highly appreciated in its home country.
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Garnering praise and respect

The foundation of the story that is novel as we know is praised highly in Japan. It has won the prestigious Akutagawa Prize, as well as has got a nomination for a Mishima Prize. This speaks for itself. But what are ratings of the given TV adaptation?
In fact, the series has failed to replicate the novel success. The first season consisting of ten episodes has been received positively but it cannot be related to a group of hitting project broadcasted on Netflix.
The 10-episode first season of the series does not seem to be as immediately explosive a hit as Netflix originals usually are, although the reviews are positive.
The series, nevertheless, gives a realistic inside look at the world of Japanese standup comedy, as this thing seems to be unfamiliar to those live outside Japan.
Hibana (Spark) Season 2 Cast

Predicting the future of the project

Frankly speaking, it presents a hard task to perform to define whether the second installment will ever take place. The international launch has been held recently and we are sure that such info as the Hibana (Spark) season 2 release date is not near in coming. At least, we should not be under the illusion. Nevertheless, it is better to keep our ears out for the early resumption.
Stay tuned and you will get informed as soon as the changes in the situation with the project become exposed.



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