Helix 3 Season Release Date

Helix 3 season release date 1

Helix 3 season release date is expected at 2016. Will you watch this show?

In early 2015 Syfy channel began airing the second season of this fantastic series. Many fans are interested in – whether a sequel? If so, when will the "Spiral" season 3? When does it become known to the release date of the new series?
Helix series is about a group of scientists from the Center for Disease Control. In the first season, they were sent to a high-tech research base in the Arctic. There they were to investigate the possible outbreak of a dangerous disease. On the basis of the scientists had to fight for the salvation of mankind.
The second season continues the story of the main characters but in other areas.

Helix 3 season release date is expected

Many viewers home’s this show as a very interesting and exciting show, which is definite for the lovers of this genre. Note that the TV project demonstrates good ratings, which could serve to renew for a third season. The last word will be for the creators and the guidance channel Syfy. Follow us to be the first to know when there will be a continuation of the series "Spiral".
Helix 3 season release date is expected in 2016 though there are rumors about cancellation of this show by Syfy.

DVD and Bluray release date of Helix 3 season are yet to be announced.
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Update: The show has been cancelled. The second season of Helix by Syfy is the finale of the show.

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