Hap and Leonard Season 2

Pursuing the current state of events with the new project broadcast on Sundance TV under the title “Hap and Leonard”, it comes to be unknown now whether the viewers will be lucky to enjoy the sequential sophomore chapter. For receiving new installments at first hand, stay tuned together with us.

What does the project make for?

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Hap and Leonard is made as a project for the fans of such genre as black comedy with the speckles of criminal mystery drama. The immediate creator of this genre mixture is considered to be Joe R. Lansdale. The story portrayed in the serial is grounded his eponymous range of novels.
The scenario comes to be developed by Nick Damici and Jim Mickle. As for the production studio it is named Sundance Studios. The crew of executives is spearheaded by Nick Schumaker and Jeremy Platt.
The acting crew comes to include such leading actors as James Purefoy and Michael K. Williams. The cast is also led by the actress named Christina Hendricks.
The premiere of the serial has been set quite recently if to be more concrete at the beginning of March 2016. The loyal following has now one freshman season at hand that consists by the way of six full parts. The premiere was held particularly on Sundance TV which is now acknowledged to be the original home channel for the given project.
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Narrative details

The story comes to be set in the previous century specifically in the 80s. The quirky narrative features the activist named Hap Collins and also Leonard Pine who turns to be a gay and a former soldier who has taken part in the Vietnam War.
These two men together with Hap’s ex wife Trudy embark on looking for treasures in the center of the Deep South.
But these exciting adventures is the not the only theme of the story. The thing is that a great feeling of friendship is shown here as something very important and needed in life.

Favorable commentaries and renewal prospects

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According to the current situation with ratings, the serial has been turned by both critics and common audiences to one of the most popular hits on Sundance TV. Though a number of viewers is rather small in comparison with other projects broadcast on the home channel, the serial is scored on various websites as a serial with above-average ratings.  For example, on Rotten Tomatoes, we are dealing specifically with more than 85% and on IMDb, the scoring constitutes about 8 points from 10.
Taking into account, the channel itself is not so much popular in the USA having quite a narrowed audience; we can conclude that the serial is worth further development.
The serial was launched as a limited probation project and we can say nothing anything about the Hap and Leonard season 2 release date as well as concerning the immediate possibility of the resumption. So let’s be ready to receive breaking and positive news straight from the horse’s mouth using our service.


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