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The Grand Tour Season 2 Release Date


The Grand Tour is a motoring TV serial, which is presented by famous car journalists by the names Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May. The season premiere was on November this year, but we have the best news for you – the new season will be available for the people of all the ages. The Grand Tour 2 Season release date is the 18th of December.


This brilliant TV serial is famous by the greatest cast ever. Among the Main characters one will see:

  • Jeremy Clarkson.
  • Richard Hammond.
  • James May.
  • Mike Skinner.
  • Golden Earring,
  • Simon Pegg.
  • Johan Ackermann.

The directors of the TV show are Phil Churchward, Brian Klein, Kit Lynch-Robinson, Gavin Whitehead. The producers are Richard Evans, Greg Vince, Zoe Brewer, Andy Wilman, James Salisbury, Ronan Browne, Chris Hale, Tom Carling, Ben Jessop, Stuart Fennimore, Jonna McIver.


The format of this TV show is rather easy to understand – here in the center of attention three journalists, who are the car experts, are presented. They travel around the world and make the test drives of different automobiles.

In the new season, which you can see at any suitable moment, you will see, how Hammond, Clarkson, and May travel to the USA, the UK, South Africa, Finland, Netherlands, Germany and Arab Emirates. In each country, they will present the new cars, which costs a lot of money. Among the Main, you will see Audi R8 V10 Plus, Honda Civic Type R, Nissan GT-R, McLaren 650S, Ford Fiesta ST 200, Porsche and BMW`s.

Also, each time they must pass different competitions in order to know, what car will be strong and the fastest. Every time you will see the time of laps in a special way, where they test the new cars. Sometimes, the results are really amazing and nobody knows, which car will be the best by all the parameters.


People, who have cars and those, who are interested in them, will have a big delight while watching this amazing serial. The duration of one new episode is 60 minutes, so you will have enough time to get the new information about the new country and the cars.

We must name the accurate season air date when we describe the serial and the one or another season of it. 

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