Grace and Frankie Season 3

Grace and Frankie is a comedy-drama series created in the USA. That’s a web series that premiered on Netflix channel. It started on the 8th of May 2015. The creators of the series are Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda playing the roles of the main characters – Frankie and Grace. At the very beginning of the series, they pass through a truly hilarious and controversial life experience. These women became friends after their husbands officially announced their romantic relationships and their longing to get married.

Plot Overview

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The protagonists of the series are Grace and Frankie. They’ve got nothing in common: Grace is a cosmetic mogul while Frankie’s busy teaching art. Their husbands, Robert and Sol are lawyers. They are busy with divorce affaires in San Diego. Well, Grace and Frankie have nothing in common except for one thing – their husbands decide to leave them cause they love each other and want to get married. That’s a fatal turn of life that makes these two women help each other and live their lives together, hand in hand. They’ve never got on well with each other, but their struggle unites them – how will they navigate their lives in the third season? Should we be waiting for more?

Cast and Characters

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  • Jane Fonda portrays Grace Hanson – once a successful executive dealing with cosmetic business in the past. Now she’s retired;
  • Lily Tomlin portrays Frances Bergstein nicknamed Frankie in the series – she’s a hippie teaching art;
  • Martin Sheen acts as Robert Hanson – a promising and successful lawyer dealing with divorces. At the beginning of the series, he’s Grace’s husband. Later he gets married to Sol – Frankie’s husband;
  • Sam Waterston acts as Sol Bergstein – he deals with the same kind of business as Robert does – he’s a divorce lawyer. Frankie’s husband who later gets married to Grace’s husband;
  • Brooklyn Decker portrays Mallory Hanson. She’s Grace and Robert’s younger daughter. She’s got a family of her own with two kids and a loving husband. She’s a housewife;
  • Ethan Embry acts as Coyote Bergstein. He’s Frankie and Sol’s son. He’s been adopted. He’s recovering from the addiction working as a substitute teacher;
  • June Diane Raphael portrays Brianna Hanson. She’s Grace and Robert’s daughter. She’s now a successful businessperson holding her mom’s former company;
  • Baron Vaughn acts as Nwabudike Bergstein nicknamed Bud. He’s also Frankie and Sol’s son and has also been adopted. He’s a lawyer too.

Grace and Frankie Season 3 Cast

Release Date and Possible Broadcasts

On the 26th of May 2015, Netflix channel prolonged the series for Season 2. The premiere of the second season was on the 6the of May 2016.
It’s early to say something about exact release date of Season 3, but stable viewership made Netflix renew Grace and Frankie for Season 3. The official announcement was made on the 10th of December 2015. Stay tuned not to miss the news about future broadcasts!


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