You Gotta Eat Here! Season 6

You Gotta Eat Here! Season 6 Release Date


You Gotta Eat Here is a Canadian TV series, which will amaze the people of all the ages. The season premiere was on January in the year of 2012 and now you will have a great opportunity to see the continuation of the Story. The You Gotta Eat Here! 6 Season release date is the 24th of October in the year of 2016.


Here in the cast, you will see the only one man, who is the narrator. He will appear in all the new episodes and his name is John Catucci.

The directors of the serial are Jim Morrison, D`Arcy Butler, Naela Choudhary, Kim Harris. The producers are Michael Geddes, Rachel Horvath, Sheldon Teicher, Sarah Nixey, Dila Velasquez, Sarah Cutts-Rosen, Anna Podrebarac. Among the editors, we must mention Simon Marcroft, Brett Shama, Jeremy LaLonde.


In the center of attention in this serial, you will see Catucci, who like to explore the food culture in Canada. Earlier he did it in North America continent and far away from this place. He just wanted to visit different places and restaurants, which you will have an opportunity to see in the first episodes.

Each of the restaurants will amaze you because they all have their own class and style. Some of them will present greasy spoons, but the others will amaze by world-class joints.

All the recipes are revealed in the show, so in the future, you will see, how the characters of the show will make them. A lot of cuisine legends will appear here and, of course, the presented dishes will be unforgettable for all the people. Culinary travels of John are very Interesting and you will like it because you have no choice.


People, who like cooking and everything, that is connected with it, will be really amazed by that serial. Here you will see the people, who have a lot of restaurants and they try to develop in order to amaze the new and old clients. It is rather pleasant to watch because not so many people can have the success like this.

The duration of each new episode is not so big, so you will have a great opportunity to watch the serial in any suitable time for you.

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You Gotta Eat Here – El Rincon Mexicano Restaurant. Toronto, Canada.

POUTINEVILLE on You Gotta Eat Here!

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