Gotham Season 4

Gotham is a crime TV series released in the USA. Bruno Heller developed the series basing on the original characters of DC Comics. The characters include James Gordon and Bruce Wayne where Ben McKenzie portrays the character of young Gordon. Bruno Heller also acted as an executive producer and the director of the pilot episode of the series in cooperation with Danny Cannon. The show follows early years of Gordon at the City Police Department of Gotham. The series also sheds the light on the origin of several villains from Batman. Gotham season 4 release date is yet to be announced.

Gotham Season 4 date release


The protagonist of the series is James Gordon working together with Harvey Bullock in Gotham City Police Department. They’re dealing with the hardest case in the city: murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. While investigating, Gordon meets Bruce Wayne, which makes him even more interested in catching a serial killer he’s searching for. Gordon gets involved in numerous crime families of Gotham getting acquainted to Fish Mooney, Don Carmine Falcone, and Don Salvatore Maroni. Later he gets friends with Wayne – a step that makes him closer to turning into Batman.

In season two, Gordon deals with Theo Galavan and his sister Tabitha organizing numerous crime events  in the city.

Season 3 starts in half a year from the events of the previous two seasons. Every new episode is devoted to Gordon acting as a bounty hunter tracking down Indian Hill and Fish Mooney.

Gotham Season 4

Cast & Characters

  • Ben McKenzie portrays the character of young James Gordon working as a police detective tracking down Batman villains. The city full of crooked people and he is always ready to compromise something to get closer to his aims.
  • Donal Logue portrays Harvey Bullock. James Gordon’s partner.
  • David Mazouz portrays the character of Bruce Wayne – an angry, scared, compulsive, and lonely hero. Willing to carry out the reasons of death of his parents.
  • Zabryna Guevara portrays Sarah Essen – a police captain.
  • Robin Lord Taylor portrays Oswald Cobblepot referred to as Penguin – an intelligent thug working for Fish Mooney.
  • Erin Richards portrays Barbara Kean – fiancé of James Gordon.
  • Camren Bicondova portrays Selina Kyle referred to as Cat – a street thief.
  • Cory Michael Smith portrays the character of Edward Nygma – a well-intentioned, likable person with an unpredictable inner world.
  • John Doman portrays one of the mob bosses named Carmine Falcone.
  • Jada Pinkett Smith acts as Fish Mooney.
  • Drew Powell portrays Mooney’s helper and advisor named Butch Gilzean.
  • Gotham Season 4

4th Season Air Date

The first season release date is the 22nd of September 2014. The 3rd season started on the 19th of September 2016. Unfortunately, FOX channel keeps silent about the suture of the project in 2017. When new info appears in the media, we will let you know.

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