Gotham Season 3 Release Date

Gotham Season 3 Release Date


Gotham season 3 is a kind of prehiStory of The Dark Knight.  In the first episodes, viewers are introduced to new employees of the police department of the great metropolis of the universe – James Gordon and Harvey Bullock. Both of them have to do the disclosure of resonant crimes of recent years – the murder of Wayne spouses. During this mission the police meets their heir Bruce Wayne. Many years later it he will become a Dark Knight guarding the rest of Gotham.

Gotham season 3 release date was announced by Fox channel for September 19, 2016. It is known for sure that there will happen the release date of Gotham season 3 on Bluray and DVD.


The script for Gotham season 3 premiere was written by Bruno Heller, as the basis for his script, he took on the comic DC Comics universe. The creation of the series was also attended by director Danny Cannon, I wrote the script for the series Bruno Heller, Bruno Heller producer, Thomas Burstyn operator, composer Graeme Revell and also took part in a film studio Warner Bros. Television. The Main roles in Gotham season 3 episode 1 are played by the Actors Benjamin McKenzie, Donal Francis Logue, David Mazouz, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards and others.


Gotham season 3 tells us about a detective who works in the department of law enforcement bodies of the city of Gotham. Our Main character named James Gordon. Helps him, his colleague Harvey Bullock. They charge to investigate the mysterious murder of a couple Thomas and Martha Wayne, which finished off Sarah Essen. They were killed in front of their son Bruce – the future protector of Gotham known as Batman.

But Bruce is only thirteen years old, and after the death of his parents, he lived under the tutelage of Alfred, his butler. Friendship with James still play a role in the fate of Bruce, but as long as he is not yet ready to fight crime. But Gordon will have to wage war with local gangs, and the two villains, who in the future will attempt to terrorize the city. They are Oswald Penguin Cobblepot and Selina Kyle.

The protagonist become close friends with the boy, and this friendship will be fateful for the boy, because he becomes a detective. Besides unraveling details of the murder of a couple, the protagonist still has time to fight with the local chief bandit Fish Mooney, and even with the future of the city of Gotham robbers: Selina Kyle and Cobblepot.

Interesting Facts

  • Interestingly, when Fox has decided to launch the project Gotham, the traditional for all the other TV projects the pilot episode was not ordered. Instead, he was ordered at once the entire first season. From the outset, it was noted that this is not just another addition to the already fairly sprawling universe of Batman and an independent TV project, which is the complete reboot of the franchise. This is evidenced by the very fact that the series events unfold much earlier than that of most cinematic versions;
  • They have nothing to do with the events of full-length movies about Batman, which came out on the screens at different times, even the most financially successful parts directed by Christopher Nolan.

Initially, the creators of the franchise want to focus only on the James Gordon to include the Story of young Bruce Wayne. However, the project grew gradually, and it managed to add original stories of other popular characters in these comics. This and future collaborator of Batman, Robin and the Riddler (Edward Nigma, to work on the way that the actor Cory Michael Smith used the features of a classmate), Mr. Freeze and, of course, the most charismatic villain of all time – the Joker himself;

  • The creators of Gotham season 3 premiere actually managed to bring to the screen the atmosphere of classic comic books. This is evidenced by the popularity of the project, not only from the audience, but also the "pirates", who only two weeks downloaded this show more than 1.33 million visits in September 2014, and according to this indicator, they can be compared only to that of the cult TV series The Game of Thrones;

Gotham and Arrow series are part of a well thought-out universe, contain a lot of mutual references. In addition, both projects can boast of a fairly complex and fascinating Story;

  • Gotham has the rating 14+ years for watching;
  • Gotham received the Critics Award ‘Choice Television Award in the category "Award for the Most Exciting New TV Series” as well as the Gracie Award For “The Best Drama of 2015”.

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