Gomorrah Season 2

The agenda is the Italian scripted crime drama by the 2014-year production. The freshman season release date is August 24, 2016, in the USA, on Sundance TV channel specifically.
The series is based on the book penned by Roberto Saviano under the same title. Two seasons were initially launched in Italy on Sky Italia. The American debut includes the freshman premiere so far. The second season air date is not exposed so far yet it will be in the future.
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The pivotal acting cast is the list of the following ones:

  • Fortunato Cerlino,
  • Marco D’Amore,
  • Fabio De Caro,
  • Salvatore Esposito,
  • Christian Giroso,
  • Lino Musella and some others.

Plot Summary

At the center of narration, there are the struggles for power within the Savastano clan. It is a squad that is under the wing of Don Pietro Savastano. The action is set in Naples, the capital of the organized criminal crews in Italy.
The finale of the first season features the escape of Don Pietro from the police when being transported to another prison, with the help of the surviving members of his clan arranging the ambush. The last minutes of the finale showed Genny being next door to death. Yet there have been signs of life and thus we should wait for him coming back in the second installment.
Gomorrah Season 2 Cast

Results from the Broadcast on Sundance TV and High Scores

If comparing the ratings from the American and Italian broadcast, the ones possessed in the USA are low. The series has an average 0.1 million viewership. Nevertheless, it has been more or less stable throughout the course of the run.
As far as scores are concerned, they are high indeed. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has obtained 94% while the IMDb aggregator website offers 8.7 out of 10, smaller yet perfect also. On Metacritic, it is the lowest – 76% but still more than simply middling.
There is no essence in finding reasons for such controversial reception of the show by American viewers. The theme of the project supposes that the story should be appreciated more in its homeland of Italy, as the roots of the story are there. How do you accept this Italian story? Is it to your taste or not? Share your impressions in the comments below!

Subsequent Renewal for Season 2

The American fans of the Italian project have evaluated the first season premiere on Sundance TV, though the ratings are low, and are waiting for the next installment now. When will the new episode of the second installment appear? It has been already shot by Italians and sold to various channel around the globe. Therefore, the second launch will take place in the future come rain or shine. Moreover, it has recently been renewed by the network for two more seasons on the heels of its international popularity.


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