Ghost Brothers Season 2

Ghost Brothers Season 2 Release Date


Ghost Brothers is a legendary serial, in which a lot of talented actors play. In the center of attention will be a group of three people, who try to struggle with ghosts. The season premiere was on the Destination America channel.


As you understand, that season of the serial will be really mysterious. Of course, here a lot of actors play. But each episode the cast is changing, so it is quite hard to name all the member of the serial.

But the general information must be given at all. Here you can see^

Dalen Spratt.

Juwan Mass.

Marcus Harvey.

It was created by Eric Kripke. The composers are Christopher Lennertz and Jay Gruska. The executive producers are Eric Kripke, David Nutter, and Robert Singer.


The central characters are three young men, who wanted to help people of different ages. They live in a small city, so many people say, that they are Ghost brothers. It is really good when the person can make a call and save the life of the most important people.

They understand, that it is a great risk to help people in this way. But it doesn’t stop them. Each of them thinks that it would be rather hard to find the work, which will be more interesting and exciting, like this.


The runtime of one new episode is 60 minutes. So, we can say, that the serial consists of several small films, each of them is full of the brightest emotions.

The Ghost Brothers 2 season release date is the 13th October this year. The season air date is also the same.

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