The Frankenstein Chronicles Series Season Two

The Frankenstein Chronicles Series Season Two Release Date

ITV Encore has extended The Frankenstein Chronicles Series 2th season. At the beginning of 2017 next series will be produced in Northern Ireland.


Sean Bean plays lead role of pensive officer John Marlott. (At the 1th season Bean will die to come back in the 2th season.) Ann Maxwell Martin and Steve Berkhoff as Mary Shelley and William Blake. Also Charlie Creed Miles, Samuel West, Ed Stoppard, Tom Ward, Deirdre Mullins and others.


Events are taking place in foggy mysterious London in 1827. When police officer walks Thames`s shoreline, he sees corpse of a little girl. Finding is covered in horrible sutures. The specialist at the hospital of Saint Bart says that the child`s remains consist of 7 parts of various corpses.

John Marlott is the officer who investigates bloody and mystic crimes. John is concerned by personal tragedy and thinks that all crimes can be committed sinister boffin who is trying to revive the deadmen. Sean`s character goes to the Bow Street Runners offices to recruit Nightingale for assisting. John enters in the slums where Oates has criminal children`s gang. There he sees strange paint on the wall – “Little girl lost”. John decides to initiate investigations.


The 1th season consists of six parts:

  1. A world without God.
  2. Seeing things.
  3. All the lost children.
  4. The fortunes of war.
  5. The Frankenstein Murders.
  6. Lost and Found.

The number of parts in second season is unknown.

Interesting thing

Detective series “The Frankenstein Chronicles” is one of the most exсiting drama, which the British TV presents audience at the end of 2015. Reinterpretation of the popular novel win hearts of many fans through authentic visuals, storyline, mystical atmosphere and a bright cast. 

The Frankenstein Chronicles is British horror criminal TV series. It consists of six parts and premiered on 11th of Nov. 2015 on ITV Encore. In 2016 American A@E channel shows the series in USA. This crime drama was invented by Benjamin Ross and Barry Langford and based on Mary Shelley`s novel. Series was produced by Rainmark Films.

New episode

Season release date has not been reported. But to the fans delight, ITV Encore slates season air date in 2017. Season premiere is very expected. The Frankenstein Chronicles series has reached impressive ratings and a lot of glowing accounts from public and critics.

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Trailer – The Frankenstein Chronicles – BBC First

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