Four In The Morning Season 2

Four In The Morning is a new dramedy by Canadian production launched relatively recently on the CBC channel. If you want some concreteness, let’s note that the freshman season release date is August 26, 2016.
Hailing from Serendipity Point Films, the series is taken as a challenge by such executives as:

  • Ari Lantos,
  • Ira Parker,
  • Jess Sagansky,
  • Mark Musselman,
  • Matt Geller.

Four In The Morning Season 2 Spoiler
As for the acting cast, it contains the more-or-less famous names of Lola Tash (Mitzi), Daniel Masiany (Bondurant), Mazin Elsadig (William), and Michelle Mylett (Jamie).

Plot Summary

There are four friends at the center of narration. All of them are young personalities in their twenties. What appears as the immediate theme for depiction? In fact, it is their lives that are full of dreams and ambitions.
The series conveys the ideas of moral values, friendship, love, betrayal. No matter how hard it is when your heart is broken by some person to whom you have put faith, your true friends will support you and help you in getting out of this drama in your life. These true four friends love making journeys of self-discovery and fighting to achieve their dreams. They are always enthusiastic, as they are together. On a side note, their favorite get-together time is 4 a.m. It is considered by them as a magical hour when everything is possible. In each new episode, they come to be together and obtain their portion of optimism.
Four In The Morning Season 2 Cast

What are Rating Figures?

Mentioning that the budget of the series is extremely low in comparison with those other scripted serials can make you doubt whether the project is ever a worthy one for following.  Let’s revise the situation.
The series cannot boast the rating figures of a hit, surely. The score on IMDb equals more than middling 6.2 points out of 10. The very mixed reviews can become the reasons for worrying regarding the future of the project. The first half considers it a pointless narrative with the lack of true essence and pretentious dialogues. Others hold an opinion that the story is much enjoyable with vivid dialogues and well-developed characters while portraying poignant issues of the modern world.

Will the New Season Air Date be Exposed Ever?

The future of the project remains undefined as of today. The perspectives are also not clear. The Four In The Morning season 2 release date is far away from us so far. The second season premiere can be scheduled for next summer if the chance is given. Keep abreast of the situation following us!


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