Filthy Riches Season 3

Filthy Riches Season 3 Release Date


Filthy Riches is an America TV serial, which appeared in National Geographic. The season premiere was on April in the year of 2014. Now we are ready to present the 3rd season, which will satisfy you by all the presented episodes. The Filthy Riches 3 Season release date is the 8th of February in the year of 2016.


When we talk about the cast for that serial, it is important to mention such talented and experiences Actors, as:

  • Miriama Smith and Emma Fenton.
  • Taylor Hall and Alex Tarrant.
  • Josh McKenzie and Luciane Buchanan.
  • Elizabeth Hawthorne and Shushila Takao.
  • Xana Tang and Mike Edward.
  • Jodie Rimmer and Jay Simon.
  • Becky McEwan and Christina Serban Ionda.
  • Emily Robins and Theresa Healey.
  • Jared Turner and Joe Folau.
  • Erroll Shand and Siobhan Page.
  • Bonnie Soper and Tania Anderson.
  • Carl Bland and Simon Prast.
  • Anapela Polatavao and Renee Lyons.
  • Mark Mitchinson and Matt Baker.
  • Christopher Hobbs and Nick Davies.
  • Vinnie Bennett and Ene Petaia.
  • Lauie Sila and John Doubleday.
  • Philip Kolofoua and Wendy Petrie.
  • Suzann James and Rachel Lang.
  • Marcello Medeiros and Britta Brandt.
  • Toby Leach and Brooke Petersen.
  • Alan Farguhar and Brad Rodger.
  • Laura-Jean Fortune and Michael Morris.
  • Vicky Yiannoutsos and Nick Bell-Booth.
  • Cathy Downes and Coen Falke.
  • Stephen Grey and Hwei Ling Ow.
  • Rhema Sutherland and Ruth Wynne.

The directors are Peter Burger, Oliver Driver, Michael Duignan. Among the producers it is important to mention Nikki Baigent, Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan, Steven Zanoski. The editors are Paul Sutorius and Cushla Dillon.


Here you will see the serial, in which several people decide to dedicate their lives to the work with deep rivers. In the new season you will see mug flats and overgrown backwoods. Their Main aim is to catch eel, live in self-made smokehouses and hunt on a burl and ginseng. After that they try to sell them to organic stores or to have a connection with fishermen.

A lot of people need the things, which they have, because they are very valuable and cost a lot. The skills of such people help them to go back the generations and to require the patience and perseverance. Despite it is too hard, they didn’t give up and they have the Main aim to reach the best results.


The running time of the new episode is approximately 42 minutes.

When you need the season air date, this article will help you.

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