Evil Blade 1 Season Release Date

Evil Blade 1 season release date

Evil Blade 1 season release date has been rumored. The fans of the Japanese manga called Ubel Blatt should wait for OVA series.

In Japan, there is a popular manga series that is waiting for its anime TV show. The talk is about Evil Blade a.k.a. Ubel Blatt a.k.a. Yuberu Buratto season 1 episode 1. Let’s find out the details on the storyline of the upcoming Evil Blade 1 season premiere.

The Plot:

About 20 years ago, a magical barrier on the border was breached. That is why the land of the Empire attacked the powerful and very strong race of darkness. Holes in the barrier must be closed urgently. That is why the emperor sends 14 soldiers on a mission to do so. Thus begins the legend.
According to legend, three soldiers who had gone close a magical barrier fell in the way to the Forest of Death. Four other soldiers have betrayed the Emperor, for which he had been killed. Among them was the best swordsman of the Empire titled as Ascheriit. You’re only seven soldiers who have been able to achieve the goal. These "seven heroes" closed fracture and returning the real winners. On the border war breaks out again. This is a real civil war. People on the border are starting to rise. Every day there are more and more.

Evil Blade 1 season release date has been rumored

By the way, there are rumors that go to fight the very soldiers who have betrayed the Emperor. What will end this confrontation and what else will happen in the near future?
Evil Blade 1 season release date is scheduled for Q2 of 2016. The exact release date of Ubel Blatt 1 season will be announced later.
DVD release date of Evil Blade 1 season is expected in Q3 of 2016.
Evil Blade 1 season release date on Bluray is scheduled for Q3 of 2016.
Watch the fan-made trailer of Evil Blade 1 season release:

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