Youth Episode 2.1 Release Date

Youth Episode 2.1 Release Date


That is serial about youth, its possibilities, advantages, and disadvantages. Here we can see a big amount of heroes and each of them has his own role. If you didn’t know, what to see on TV, that will be a good idea, if you will watch it.


The cast of actors if rather huge, so we decided to present the most important. Here you can see:

  • Kylah Honkala as Sarah Vasquez.
  • Meredith O`Connor as Rene Marlino.
  • Ty Andre as Brian Manders.

The composer and the writer of this film are Frederic Mauerhofer.


Every person in youth has problems with parents, education, and other things. That film will show you, how easy and at the same time how hard is the puberty period. People, who play the first roles here, are rather confident. So, it would be better for them to listen to the parents because they will never give them wrong advice.

But in such period of time, it is very hard to understand the fact, that the parents are the closest people in our lives. Despite the rules and bounds, they lie to each other, do the first sex, use drugs and do crimes. Also, their life is full of romantic and interesting moments, but they didn’t appreciate it. So, as a result, they become bored and they think, that life has no sense.

But it isn`t true. Here we must underline, that the film is also very positive and full of interesting events. If you have children, you can see it together and they will understand, what is right and what is wrong.


That serial is interesting to watch because the duration of one episode is small. People of all ages will understand, that here are a lot of lively situations, which must be taken into account.

If you haven’t seen the first season, just do it! You will be excited. To talk about the second season, we must say, that this drama will appear in 2018. The accurate release date wasn’t named, but we hope, that it would be very soon.

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