Empire Season 3

A considerably new serial in the television history titled “Empire” is at a present moment of being resumed for the following chapter which launch date remains still unknown much to the regret of people who feel like anticipated about the appearance of new episodes.

Basic info about the project you should be aware of

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Empire makes for the drama series by American production. The story enlarges upon an ex-drug-dealer. The immediate production company is reckoned t be Lee Daniels and Danny Strong for Fox. The home channel for the series is considered to be FOX.
The acting crew consists of such performers as Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. The debut of the second part of serial was held in the preceding year if to be more precise at the end of September. The sophomore chapter includes 18 parts.

Plot summary: principal characters and storylines

The main character of the story called Lucious Lyon is a hip-hopper who used to be a drug-dealer some years ago. He also serves as CEO in one huge company titled by the way Empire Entertainment. He has three children.
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One day he gets to know that he has an incurable disease called ALS. So now he has to think over the most suitable person among his sons who can replace him. The situation comes to be hardened by the release of the main character’s former spouse who thinks that it was him who made her have deal with drugs and that after her imprisonment he used the benefit from drug dealing to build a corporation.

How was the serial accepted?

The serial is considered to be nothing but a hit if to take a peek into the broadcast ratings. Can you imagine that the total amount of viewers counts more than 12 million people? And this number is continually growing. This practically signifies that the possibility that the series has stuck around on our screens for a long period of time is an apparent fact that shouldn’t be ever doubted. So let’s hope that the continuation of the story will be gladden us at least in the 2016 autumn.

When can we expect the appearance of the third season?

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The second part of the sophomore chapter has been put to broadcast on Fox at the very end of the previous month. Thus, we have still some time to enjoy the new installments of the serial. We can also note that while the serial is its run, it is reckoned to be too early for some announcements about the further production of the story.
However, the creators have made up their minds not to put it off to the Greek calends and have broken the inspiring news. The thing is that the serial is now officially resumed for another chapter.
Yet still we are not in possession of information about the Empire season3 release date as well as other interesting details about the plot and cast changes. So we have nothing in the course currently but to keep abreast of the up-to-date situation in order not to miss the opportunity to enjoy the serial as soon as it is released.


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