Emerald City Season 1 Release Date

Emerald City Season 1 Release Date


Emerald City season 1 is a modern adaptation of the book by Frank Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. In the Story twenty-something Dorothy Gale unwittingly falls into the center of bloody and epic battle for control of the Land of Oz. Most likely, the series will be a sort of an epic fantasy/fairytale being the closest to  the genre of Game of Thrones.

Emerald City season 1 release date was scheduled by NBC for September in 2016. It is possible that Emerald City season 1 premiere on DVD and Bluray will happen in December of 2016.


Emerald City season 1 episode 1 is written and executive produced by Matthew Arnold. Vincent D’Onofrio, Adria Arjona, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Mido Hamada, Joely Richardson, Isabel Lucas, Stephanie Martini, Florence Kasumba and Roxy Sternberg will participate in Emerald City season 1 premiere. Adria Arjona until now was the best known for her participation in the show True Detective season 2.


In Emerald City season 1 episode 1 adult Dorothy Gale and her sheepdog by a tornado are transported to another world, very far from ours – the mystical world of competing states, deadly warriors, dark magic and bloody battles for supremacy. Last month, Adria Arjona won the role of Dorothy. Dorothy Gale was the ordinary girl who dragged their existence in anticipation of some great miracle. Her life was boring and monotonous, and it is unlikely it would be that something has changed, if not for the tornado, which turned out to be not just a natural phenomenon, but a miracle. The Main character and her dog got into this vortex, and after it was over – they were in a new, unexplored magical place. Having met the locals it became known that in this country, in which she came, for a long time fighting two kingdoms. The girl was waiting for an incredible adventure in a fantasy world.

Interesting Facts

  • The channel NBC has ordered 10 episodes of Emerald City season 1;
  • The series was commissioned in January of 2014with Josh Friedman and Matthew Arnold as writers;
  • And then NBC refused to develop the project because the channel owners and creators of the series have failed to agree and develop a common vision for the show;
  • In April of 2016 the project was revived by David Schulner as a writer and the production head. Shaun Cassidy will be the executive producer of this drama.

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