Ellen`s Design Challenge Season 3

Ellen`s Design Challenge Season 3 Release Date


Ellen`s Design Challenge is a reality competition serial, which was created in America. It will show you the furniture design competition, in which only talented people take part. The season premiere was on April in the year of 2014. But now the 3rd one is available for everyone. The Ellen`s Design Challenge 3 Season release date is the 8th of February in the year of 2016.


The show cast includes the most talented judges from different parts of the world. Here you will see the following people:

  • Ellen DeGeneres and Christiane Lemieux.
  • Chip Wade and Karl Champley.
  • Cliff Fong and Alexis Moran.
  • Bradley Bowers and Miles Endo.
  • Kyle Huntoon and Vivian Beer.
  • Sef Pinney and McKenzie Gibson.
  • Melissa Rivera-Torres and Matt Blashaw.
  • Matt Muenster and Jeff Devlin.
  • Jay Montepare and Amanda Dameron.
  • Tim McClellan and Katie Stout.
  • Brooks Utley and Jose Gaspar de Jesus.
  • Carley Eisenberg and Stephen Zimpel.
  • Leslie Shapiro Joyal and Davis Sheinkopf.
  • Ali Azhar and Jorge Valles.
  • Rachel Ashwell and Ray Azoulay.
  • Jason Chauncey and Kathleen Clements.
  • Jane Hallworth and Dave Yale.
  • Scot Jones and Julie Browning Bova.
  • Mark Moskovitz and Erika Roberts.
  • Riley McClellan and DJ tWitch.
  • Evaristo Valles and Rodman Primack.

The producers are Danny Kon, Ellen DeGeneres, Ian Mallahan, David De Angelis, Andrea Reyes, Lauren Katz, Eric Vier, Jeff Kleeman, Kent Weed, Arthur Smith.


Here the Main aim of the show is to find out the most talented people among the contestants. They will present the furniture designs and the judges will make a decision to name, who is the best one and who is the worth. The winner of the show will have a great opportunity to work in HGTV Magazine and to receive a price of 100,000 $. Each time 10 best contestants will pass all the stages and each of them has the wish to become a winner.


This reality competition will be Interesting for people of all ages. It is presented by talented Jay Montepare. The running time of new episode is 42 minutes, so you can enjoy it at any suitable time.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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Ellen`s Design Challenge Season 3 3

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