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The universally read stories about Sherlock Holmes have many TV adaptations now. One of this is the series “Elementary”, a long-running multipart project on CBS. The serial is now resumed for the fifth installment.

What should we know about the series?

Made as an American product broadcasted on CBS, Elementary is the drama in the genre of detectives with the main heroes named Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.
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The series has several award victories, as well as nominations, and is spearheaded by an illustrious director named Robert Doherty who is noted for his working on Medium and Ringer.
As for the concrete studios, here we should name two ones – Hill of Beans Productions and Timberman-Beverly Productions.
The acting cast is compiled of such leading names as Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.
The premiere of the first season (and now there are already four of them) was set as far back as in September 2012. The latest season saw the light of day in the preceding September starting to deliver its first episodes among the whole 24. Its second part returned to screens, be the way, in January 2016. Each part involves one hour of a brilliant acting.

Plot resume

Though being often compared with the well-known stories created by Conan Doyle, the series has only the names of the principal heroes as well as the detective idea with them in common.
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These two brilliant investigators and companions are embarking every time on the exploration of the coldest cases. Successfully attempting to make mysterious puzzles meet, the heroes are played with the very much prudence in the hearts of performers. The intrigue is always kept by them. And this specifically contributes to the very success of the story which we are going to discuss next.

Rating figures

The series being of a high quality in all terms serves a successful project having garnered about 7.5 million watchers per episode during the release of the third installment.
But the situation is not as great as it can seem at first blush. The situation is that we are dealing with a considerable decline in ratings beginning with the latest fourth run. Comparing the third and the fourth installments, the series had lost about 2 million viewers. So now the rating can be evaluated at 5.5 million people.
Nevertheless, the series is still worth its further development and the creators should know this in fact as they have already renewed it for the fifth chapter.
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Following the news

So the creative team members are united in giving the series another chance to improve the situation with ratings. The fifth round is thus to take place in the future. This decision was exposed in this past March. So the next part is only underway now. Consequently, we are not under the illusion that the Elementary season 5 release date will become clear in the near future. Nevertheless, let’s keep abreast of the new installments in case of the early appearance of the series details.


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