Edge of Alaska Season 3

Harsh climatic conditions, strict customs and laws, as well as the distance from the main continent – all this is the best characteristics of Alaska, which is still considered to be wilderness. Documentary series about this area have never been popular very much, but one such a project, which has been aired on Discovery Channel since 2014, is Edge of Alaska, which has managed to gain the audience’s love. This program has become a real discovery for those who have never seen with their own eyes the most northern part of America and wants to personally convince the tough living conditions of its inhabitants.

Over 2 years 2 seasons of the show have been presented, and after the latest one most viewers are puzzled by the question, which is directly connected with their favorite show: when will Edge of Alaska season 3 be released? Premiere date of the next season air date has recently been officially announced. The renewed season premiere will take place on October 23, 2016. The public believes that each new episode of the show will be as catching as earlier.

Edge of Alaska Season 3 date release

Cast and Producers

The company producing Edge of Alaska is Twofour America. The network responsible for the series broadcasting is a world famous Discovery Channel.

The crew of executive producers includes the following creative personalities:

  • Bernie Schaeffer;
  • Philippe Denham;
  • Seth Goolnik;
  • Roger Roddy;
  • Grady Chandler;
  • Martha Chaput.

The cast members of the documentary series are experienced people working in the same crew. Among them are worth mentioning the following ones:

  • Neil Darish;
  • Tim Mischel;
  • Gary Green;
  • Mark Wacht;
  • Jason Lobo;
  • Jenny Rosenbaum.

The first season release date was aired on October 24, 2014. The number of episodes of 2 seasons is 18.

Edge of Alaska Season 3

Plot Review

Deep in the snowy wilderness of Alaska there is the small town of McCarthy, which used to be prosperous, but today is a half-wilderness, where a small group of people is hiding. All 42 people who live here far removed from civilization and are in extreme climatic conditions. The main issue that faces the people of McCarthy is whether to stay in such a remote position or it is still worth adapting to modern conditions and to establish communication with the rest of the continent.

The coming new season is expected to reveal the adventures and experience of the series cast in a deeper way, so its return is being awaited impatiently.

Edge of Alaska Season 3

Show Rating and Soon Renewal

The rating of Edge of Alaska on IMDB is not the highest one (6.8/10), but this doesn’t make the series less interesting. The future season three will be released on October 23, 2016. According to the preliminary data about 1.7 million viewers are ready to watch the premiere. So, stay tuned to be aware of all the changes in the schedule and get the latest information from the creators.

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