Drugs, Inc. Season 8

Thanks to National Geographic Channel we get to know lots of absolutely unpredictable things. This time it’s important not only for personal health, but for the moral and physical state of people from all over the world. Drugs, Inc. is a unique American documentary TV series. The series reveals one of the vital problems of our society – drug producing and drug dealing. The experienced experts deal with most difficult cases of narcotics production and selling. You’ll see real drug dealers, those who do their best to give up drugs and those who are severely addicted. The professionals in drug abuse cases will share their knowledge with you. You’ll get to know more about rehabilitation, laws and criminal justice.
First two season focused attention only on specific drugs. All the other seasons finishing with the seventh one focus on different types of drugs and their production in absolutely different cities all over the country. There are 7 seasons in the project with 71 episodes in total.
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What Will You Get from the Episodes?

  • Police corruption scandals referring to drug dealing and drug abuse.
  • Life-threatening cases of massive heroin production in the cities that had been prosperous many years ago.
  • How homeless people help the drug dealers to sell their product. Most deadly drugs are often sold through homeless.
  • Salt Lake City’s cops face real heroin epidemic and fight with the members of drug cartel.
  • The gateways where illegal drugs are moving.
  • Chains of cocaine supply stretching all over the world.
  • The hardships of being addicted with real people and their struggles to get rid of this addiction.
  • Interviews with drug dealers.
  • Marijuana and legal ways of using it.
  • Drug industry and its connection with porn industry.
  • Celebrities’ talking about drugs and their sad experiences.

Viewers’ Opinion

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The viewers’ overviews are generally positive. Drugs, Inc. gives you a deep inside look into drug trade and people who deal with it – law enforcement, drug dealers, addicted and those who had been addicted. The creators of the show try not to mix political affairs with the events of the project. However, some of the viewers agree that some of the facts presented in the show are not quite correct. Part of them is not proved and has no official confirmation looking like a personal opinion. Terminology is sometimes incorrect and some of the info sounds ridiculous.

Release Date of the 8th Season

The project turned out to be quite controversial, but the producers don’t plan to cancel it. The show is in its 7th season at present. The release date info is still unavailable, but due to its popularity, Drugs, Inc. will surely hit your screens this year or in the beginning of the upcoming year! Stay tuned and share with us if you know more about possible updates of this exciting documentary.



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