Dr. Phil Season 16 Release Date

Dr. Phil Season 16 Release Date


CBC finally announced its plans about the long-running TV show Dr. Phil. It seems that the show will be on air at least upon 2019. Dr. Phil season 16 release date has been announced for the early 2017. There is no news about the exact release date of Dr. Phil season 16 on DVD and Bluray.


Phil McGraw, Robin McGraw, T.D. Jakes, Nathaniel Best, Kate Rigg, Nadya Suleman, Jerry Bojanowski and Steve Kovalcik will reappear as hosts and the TV show regulars in Dr. Phil season 16 episode 1.


Dr. Phil season 16 release has gotten some warmth from other clinical clinicians and additionally laypeople. These pundits have brought issue with McGraw’s strategies for streamlining people groups’ circumstances and giving excessively shortsighted counsel to them. Different clinicians feel this can be exceptionally inadequate and is not the most ideal approach to treat patients. He has likewise been condemned for improving people groups’ circumstances into a sound chomp, which clinicians say is additionally terrible for business, particularly on the grounds that he doesn’t frequently consider the historical backdrop of setting of the circumstance. He has reacted to these allegations with remarks on his aversion for conventional techniques for directing. These reactions have not done what’s needed harm to McGraw or his show to keep it off of the air.

Interesting Facts

  • Keep in mind that after Dr. Phil season 16 premiere the show will be prolonged up to 2018 with the 17th, 18th and 19th seasons;
  • After McGraw’s prosperity with his sections on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil appeared on September 16, 2002. On both shows McGraw offers exhortation as "life systems" from his background as a clinical and criminological therapist;
  • Since September 2009, Dr. Phil has been show in HDTV with a redid look and another subject composed and performed by McGraw’s child, Jordan;
  • Phil is a creation of Peteski Productions and appropriated by CBS Television Distribution. Harpo Productions co-created the arrangement until 2010, with Paramount Domestic Television and its successor CBS Paramount Domestic Television serving as optional co-makers until 2007, and it was initially circulated by King World Productions.

Promo Art

Dr. Phil Season 16 Promo 2

Dr Phil 27 May 2016 ~ A Hidden Pregnancy & a Faked Abortion; Is There Hope for My Relationship?

"My Crazy Childhood: My Dad Was The Breast Pump Bandit and His Mistress Lived in Our House"

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