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The new ABC project referred to as “Dr. Ken” is moving closer to its second premiere which has not been scheduled so far. But the loyal following garnered by the serial can sigh with relief on knowing that the sitcom has been already revived.

Brief review

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Being a feather in the cap of the project’s spearheads named Jared Stern, Ken Jeong and John Fox, Dr. Ken is the title to the situational comedy, the series that is gladdening the loyal following of this genre with entertaining and relaxing jokes on the American channel called ABC.
The executive producers is led by the aforementioned immediate creators of the multipart movie who are collaborating also with John Davis, Mike Sikowitz and Mike O’Connel.
The serial acting cast is led also by Ken Jeong with Suzy Nakamura, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Jonathan Slavin, Albert Tsai, Krista Marie Yu, Kate Simses, and Dave Foley performing the main parts of the story.
Being developed by Sony Pictures Television, Old Charlie Productions, and Davis Entertainment on the order of the ABC channel, the serial debuted with its first and so far the latest chapter at the start of October in the previous year. The total amount of episodes constitutes 22 including 9 parts being ordered additionally by the home channel of the serial.

Plot summary of the newcomer

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Reposing on the experience taken from the series creator and star Ken Jeong’s life who used to have his medical practice before turning into a standup showman, the story transports us to the life of the title character named Dr.Ken with a hilarious depiction of his personal and professional life.

Coming up to acceptance of the show

As we have already mentioned, the volume of the serial has been extended and not unreasonably indeed. The firm ground to it is the sweeping victory in terms of ratings. The serial was highly acclaimed both from the critics’ and common viewers’ sides.
In order not to beat around the bush, let’s just name the figure of the total amount of watchers that the serial was garnering with the release of each episode. So it is about 4 million people in average with the premiere amount constituting more than 6.5 million watchers. This can be reckoned as the highest numbers ABC has seen in three years.
Though having some slight decline in ratings, the serial is still on the high level concerning its general acceptance and a large amount of favorable reviews.
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Keeping track of the most recent news

The second part of the pioneer installment has seen the light of day this year if to be concrete at the very beginning of January. Now with the serial bowing out, we have information concerning the revival of the show. So the sophomore chapter is going to take place down the road. But still we are not under the illusion that the Dr. Ken season2 release date can appear on official resources in the near future. However, it is not the reason to give up following the news about this show.


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