My Diet Is Better Than Yours Season 2

My Diet Is Better Than Yours Season 2 Release Date


My Diet Is Better Than Yours is a reality TV serial, the premiere of which appear this year. Now you can see the other Story, we mean the second season premiere, which will amaze you at all. The My Diet Is Better Than Yours 2 Season release date is the 8th of February this year.


This season will present you the people, who want to overcome the problem with overweight. They try to do it by different means in order to get the best result. So, here in the cast, you will meet:

  • Carolyn Barnes and Jeff Benedict.
  • Jay Cardiello and Jennifer Cassetta.
  • Jovanka Ciares and Latasha Givens.
  • Dawn Jackson and Abel James.
  • Anna Kaiser and Kurt Morgan.
  • Jasmin Queen and Taj Robinson.
  • Rob Sulaver and Shaun T.

The director of the serial is Adam Sampson. It is produced by Monica Martino, Vicky Song, Ila Couch, Kelly Johnson, Chris Coelen, Katie Griffin, Susan House. The editors are Devrim Wellman, Jonah Max.


The Main aim of such TV show is to present the people, who try to deal with the extra weight. They do is with the professional trainers, which make the food and workout program. Their result must be the highest to win.

Each contestant must be ready to leave the usual lifestyle and to spend the time with the trainer in order to get the excellent results. A lot of people, who took part here, can`t manage to eat, so in one day they just decide to leave the project. Of course, it is so hard to name a winner, so the judges do that work. They make a lot of competitions, which will help the contestants to become better people and to reach their aims.


It is so exciting to see, how people try to change their life into a positive side. So, if you also want to become better, you must do that work on yourself and that will be perfect. This serial, especially such season will be one of the greatest in your life because here you will know, how to each correctly and what are the most effective exercises to burn the fat. Each new episode will inspire you to do the good things.

When you don’t know the information about the season air date, you can use such data.

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