Below Deck Season 4


Below Deck (Season 4, release date –September 6, 2016) is a TV show that was shown for the first time on July 1, 2013. The Story tells about the team of a yacht that delivers people in different parts of the world.

A big yacht Cuor di Leone was booked for the film. Later its name was changed on “Honor”. The captain of the ship is Lee Rosbach.


  • Lee Rosbach
  • Kate Chastain
  • Kelley Johnson
  • Emily Warburton
  • Sierra Storm
  • Lauren Burchell
  • Trevor Walker
  • Nico Scholly
  • Ben Robinson
  • Kyle Dixon


In the fourth season there will be a lot of changes. The ship is now a new charter. On the first day, after all the changes it has not been quite smoothly on the ship.

In this part, we will be back to Johnson, who has worked as a sailor with captain Lee earlier. Some people doubt in Johnson, but the captain Li believes that he deserves a second chance, as he grew older and changed. In addition to Johnson, we met again a few former members of the team. Ben Robinson and cunning and resourceful Kate Chastain, which operates a major flight attendant, will return to the series.

The crew will have to establish relations with the new members, because it is very important to ensure passenger comfort and safe journey vessel. But the captain is afraid that there may be difficulties, because earlier the team had already experience with the newly returning team members, which members of the team, at first glance, was knowing, but then they showed themselves completely from the other side.

But the captain, in fact, he is glad that the ship has changed, because, in his opinion, the new members of the team allow to breathe fresh energy into the work of the crew.

During all four seasons, captain Li faced with a variety of situations, but in the words of the captain – it does not affect his way of working. No matter how many people are working on the ship and who they are, the captain is always ready to welcome new guests. For him the most important quality to do it is his job, namely, to bring people to the right place. Everything that happens on the ship – this is not a game for the cameras, it is a reality in which the passengers and their comfort and safety above all else.


The TV series has more than one million viewers, so there is a great chance that we will see the next part of the show.

Unfortunately, there is no announcement about the continuation of the project and releasing of the fifth season.

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Below Deck trailer – Bravo

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