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The events took place at the year of 2001. Here we can see the unusual relations between the biggest sports. The worst is that people, who wanted to win and get the first place, have a lot of problems on their way to success. And that story is some kind of adventure of a lifetime – here are young heroes, who wanted to follow their dreams and to become famous and lucky.


The main characters are the people, who reach the greatest aim and make the life of thousands people interesting and exciting.


This film is about the biggest sport in the world. Some of sport men are real genius, so they wanted to have more practice and they came to the special communities.

In the story we can see the people, who were graduated of universities and they are the best specialists. We can tell it with confident, because they put the sport, especially Wimbledon, into a high level and made a lot for taking health care. Such people are a hope of our nation and young people believe, that they can change the world into a better side. But what will happen, if the country will dare to dream, that a group of young people can make the situation clear and better?


This season will appear in release date in the year of 2018, so must be patient and wait for 2 years to see the continuation of the story. It will be very interesting and exciting for those categories of people:

  • Students of sport universities.
  • People, who work as professionals in this branch.

Besides, such an outstanding plot will create a thought, that even a group of people can influence in this hard and full of negative events life. It teaches us not to give up. The only aim is to move forward for getting the best results in any field, you work on. And in some day the life will bring you an amazing gift, which you will remember for a long time and it will be your best proud.

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Dare to Dream: The Story of the U.S. Women’s Football Team

Dare to Dream

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