Damien 1 Season Release Date

Damien 1 season release date

Damien 1 season release date information is updated. The TV show will come out next year.

Many viewers have heard about the development of the now thriller/drama TV show on A & E channel – Damien. The show is based on the famous movie franchise "The Omen" and the same titled novels. How many episodes will be released in the first season of Damien?

The Plot:

Damien in the first season will explore the adult life of Damien Thorn, a devilish child from the mysterious film made in 1976. While growing up the boy did not know about the satanic forces around him. In adult life being haunted by his past, Damien now has to come to terms with his true destiny – that he was born to be the new Antichrist.
The role of Damien Thorn was given to the British actor Bradley James (Merlin, Homeland, iZombie). Damien’s character is the one who cannot remember their dirty deeds from his childhood but is now fully aware of who he really is.

Damien 1 season release date information is updated

The first season release of Damien will have 10 full-length episodes.
Showrunner and writer of the show Glen Mazara will present Damien 1 season release to the general public in the form of the story of a dark and a bit romantic anti-hero. Such original mix of the complex protagonist’s nature will possibly do something truly original from the point of plot twists.
Damien 1 season release date on A & E channel is scheduled for fall of 2016.

Damien 1 season release date on Bluray and DVD will be in December of 2016.
Will you wait for the new show about Omen?

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