Cursed: The Bell Witch Season 2

Cursed: The Bell Witch Season 2 Release Date


Cursed: The Bell Witch is a poltergeist legend, which has the elements of Southern folklore. Rare you will have an opportunity to see the beginning of the story, but now we will present the second season.


When we talk about the cast, here we must say, that in that serial appear not such a big amount of characters. But the main are:

  • Bell and Betsy.
  • Joshua Gardner.
  • Andrew Jackson.
  • Benjamin Radford.
  • Richard Bell.

The producers of such cinema masterpiece are Lucilla D`Agostino and Rebecca Toth Diefenbach.


Here you will have a great opportunity to follow the contemporary John Ceallach, who is the head of Bell family. He makes a lot of attempts to untangle the history and to have a deal with Tennesse landowner family.

His friend has a great aim to assist the investigation. That curse is need to be reversed before it will be passed to teenage son. The name of Bell Witch is Kate Batts and she wanted to have a journey, which will help her to follow the right curse without any problem.

The Bell Witch legend is very famous, so now it is inspired in lots of books. Sometimes the tales started to be supernatural and they sneak into the lives of different people. Tim Henson, who is a town historian, is also a researcher and he try to share a lot of discoveries.


If you are a person, who estimate different supernatural things, mysterious amulets, and shaman rituals, you must use an opportunity in your free time and watch that serial new episode from the beginning till the end. Such approach will help you to understand the main idea.

Besides, the events took place in mysterious city – that will make the story more interesting and exciting.

Each episode will amaze you at all. The Cursed: The Bell Witch 2 Season release date is the 9th of February this year. If you find the time to watch it, you will be really happy. Also here we must mention about the season air date.

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