Code Black Season 2

A new medical TV drama on CBS is waiting for the decision of its creators who should shape the future of the project in the near future. So let’s hope that the decision will be if favor of the renewal.

What should we know about the serial?

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Code Black is considered to be a recently opened project by American production in the genre of medical drama that focuses on a choke-full fictional hospital in Los Angeles. The story is founded on a nonfiction novel created by Ryan McGarry.
The leader of the behind-the-scene crew is considered to be the one and the only Michael Seitzman. He has written the scenario and was responsible for directory duties.  The debut of the pioneer episodes was held at the end of September in the preceding year.
The acting crew is composed of such performers as Harry Ford, Melanie Chandra, Raza Jaffrey, William Allen Young,  Luis Guzman, and some other actors and actresses.

Plot summary: main characters and place of action

The story revolves particularly around a number of medical residents and their first year of practice in the hospital. The emergency rooms there comes to be an overcrowded place packed to capacity that is full of patients but lacks resources. All residents are anxious to get there in order to obtain such invaluable experience and become the most proficient workers in their sphere.
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Is the serial worth being continued in the near future?

Let’s clear out this question. The serial was accepted with quite contradictory feelings if to believe the mixed commentaries from common viewers as well as from critics. However, the total number of auditory members speaks volumes in fact. Can you imagine that it constitutes above 7 million people? Even the mixed commentaries from critics cannot become the reason for the canceling of such a popular serial that raises the rating of the channel.
Let’s define the scoring on various websites. So on Rotten Tomatoes, it is about 55 from 100 points. Thus, it is an average result. Metacritic is showing the same scoring.
We can only make a conclusion that the serial is at least worth trying another season in spite of the fact the there is a large number of medical dramas on television at a present moment of being as for example “Grey’s Anatomy” which is reckoned to be the most popular serial in this genre but surely after “House M.D.”.

When can we expect the release of the new chapter?

Code Black Season 2 Cast
As it is known, the second part of the pioneer season has been brought to broadcast this year, particularly in the middle of January after a usual Christmas break on the channel. It is high time for the developers to announce about the Code Black season 2 release date. However, they keep mum concerning the continuation of the story.
To the regret of those people who feel like anticipated about the show, the serial is still waiting for the decision of its developers. So the creators seem to doubt whether the serial is worth further production though the ratings are really above the average level and the renewal should be nothing but an obvious fact.


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