Club de Cuervos Season 2

Joining the collection of new projects on Netflix, “Club de Cuervos” is now expecting its second premiere this year.

Brief review

To describe this project, we should first tell you that it is available on Netflix. A network that delivers a variety of products of cinematography to the end consumer.
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It is an American comedy with Spanish-speaking characters. On Netflix, this series is a pioneer in the genre of Spanish comedy, by the way. Alazraki Entertainment was the one to inspire and then accomplish the production of the series.
The script has entrusted to Mike Lam, with the following direction performed by Gaz Alazraki. Luis Gerardo M?ndez took the central role.
The release of the first chapter occurred at the end of the previous summer. That one season now includes 13 full episodes accessible on Netflix anytime.

Plot Summary

The series revolves around a confrontation between the members of one family. Conflicts emerge among the sons and daughters of the patriarch of this wealthy family.
The reason for the conflict and the rivalry is the football team “The Cuervos of Nuevo Toledo”, the patriarch owns now.
Before the struggle had begun, they adored each other. But one day, this eternal love turned into a vigorous hatred.
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So the characters of this series want to get down and dirty to become the only owners of this team. No matter what foul and despicable methods they have to use to do that. So having to use blackmail and intimidation does not them.
Are you already interested in this competition? If you are, let’s follow this series together and discover who will be the winner.

Zeroing in on ratings

There is no official data about the ratings. We can only make an estimation based on the commentaries posted on various websites dedicated to this project. The reviews are quite favorable. Enough so to state that the series is worth further development.
This dramedy has been attracting viewers mainly from Mexico, though a significant number of watchers are residents of the USA. That means that the project extends the boundaries and acquires new markets.

Following the news

Club de Cuervos Season 2 Cast
As we have already stressed, the project is rather up-and-coming. That can lead to it sticking around on Netflix as the first Spanish-language series there.
The previous fall, the producers of the network had given a second chance to the series. So, according to the most up-to-date info, the second installment should take place sooner or later.
Though the shooting of the second chapter has begun at the very beginning of this year, we have no information available so far regarding the Club de Cuervos season 2 release date. So be in the swim in case any piece of info appears.


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