Chewing Gum Season 2


Chewing Gum is a TV series created in the UK. This series was created by M. Coel, D. Walters S. Wokoma, R. Lonsdale, and T. Franks, who also play certain parts in this show. The main genre of the show is a comedy.

The premiere of the show took place in Oct. 2015. The second series were introduced in 2016. Currently, seven episodes of the show are available.

Chewing Gum Season 2 date release


The cast of the show includes the following actors:

  • Michaela Coel, a poet, songwriter, singer, screenwriter, and actress,
  • Kadiff Kirwan, an actor,
  • Tanya Franks, producer, actress, and writer,
  • John MacMillan, a writer, and actor,
  • Susan Wokoma, an award-winning actress,
  • Robert Lonsdale, a musician, and actor,
  • Danielle Isaie, an actress,
  • Shola Adewusi, an actress of the screen, stage, and radio.

Chewing Gum Season 2


The show Chewing Gum tells a story about Gordon, Tracey. The main character is 24 years old. She works as an assistant at a shop. The girl is a virgin. She is very religious and this influences her behavior. The young woman wants to know more about the life and the world. She also desires to obtain a sexual experience. The object of her interest is Ronald, who is also religious. But the situation changes then Tracey meets Connor, a handsome poet. The girl tries to look sexy to impress Ronald, but he does not like her behavior, and she dumps him. The girl decides to go to Connor.

The mother of the girls still wants her to establish the relationships with Ronald, but Tracey likes Connor, with whom she enjoys having sex without penetrations. In some time, Tracey suspects that she may be pregnant, but that is not so. Finally, she decides to stop any relationships with Ronald.

Meisha, a friend of Tracey, advises her to apply for a job at a cosmetic company. Although Tracey does not get the job but she receives an offer from Josh, a drug dealer.

Meanwhile, Tracey is pretty close to having a real sex with Connor but he experiences problems with an erection and nothing works for them. She listens to the pieces of advice given by her friend and agrees for a threesome with Sasha. This helps to manage the situation. What other interesting situations will Tracey will experience in her life?

Chewing Gum Season 2

The episodes titled as follow:

  • Sex and Violence,
  • Binned,
  • The Last Supper,
  • Possession,
  • The Unicorn,
  • Tolled Road.


In 2016, the show was nominated for an award for the best script.

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