Chelsea Does Season 2

The episodes of Chelsea Does concentrate on Chelsea Handler, the comedian, exploring various subjects. A number of discussions is devoted to conversations between Handler and her friends, family members and psychologists. Chelsea Handler leaves for a number of journeys connected with the topic of each new episode.

Chelsea Handler

The main member of the cast and the star hosting the project. Chelsea Joy Handler is from Livingston, New Jersey. She’s got six siblings. Her American dad is Jewish and her mom was born in Germany. In 1958, her mom lived in USA being a Mormon. In 1989, she was diagnosed with cancer. She passed away in 2006 after a long way filled with attempts to get rid of the disease. Chelsea Handler was brought up as Jewish and passed through Bat Mitzvah ceremony.
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Chelsea Handler often says that she used to feel like an outsider at school. However, she was fond of her nice Jewish neighborhood. She’s got five siblings – two sisters and three brothers.
Handler decided to become a stand-up comedian when one day she told a story to her classmates and they found it really funny. The story was about those who offended and bullied her.
Chelsea is a delightful and easy-going person sharing her warm and kind-hearted feeling of life with people around. However, she’s always bold – she never thinks about boundaries while speaking her mind. She’s shaped and sharped at a time.


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Most part of the viewers expressed criticism to the second episode of the show called “Chelsea Does Racism.” White woman complaining about racism looked not only comic, but also cynical. The way she talks about accusations of racism look stereotypical. This topic was unfortunate for the show. It was hard to understand whether it was really done for the sake of entertainment.
Although, the episode is not that awful. The second part of “Chelsea Does Racism,” is truly interesting and unpredictable: a number of usual Americans shares their race, bias and prejudice experience on camera, which makes the documentary effective.

Second Season Air Date

There’s no official info on the continuation of the series and on the renewal of the project for season 2, but we’re constantly following the news and will be ready to share what we know as soon as we get something about the second season release date. Stay tuned!


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