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Channel Zero Season 2 Release Date


Channel Zero is horror TV serial with anthropology effects. It was made and produced in America and created by Nick Antosca. The season premiere was in the year of 2016 and now the second season is available. The Channel Zero 2 Season release date is the 28th of November this year.


If we talk about the cast, here we must mention such characters:

  • Abigail Pniowsky and Keenan Lehmann.
  • Amy Forsyth and John Carrol Lynch.
  • Paul Schneider and Fiona Shaw.
  • Luisa D`Oliveira and Shaun Benson.
  • Luca Villacis and Marina Stephenson Kerr.
  • Cassandra Consiglio and Natalie Brown.
  • Katia Requel Leon and Mackenzie Wojcik.
  • Annika Elyse Irving and Olivier De Sagazan.
  • Kristen Harris and Benjamin Judson.
  • Conan Hodgkinson and Connor Peterson.
  • Lauryn Mestizo-Dao and Jessica Loeppky.
  • Summer H. Howell and Liam Marchant.
  • David Brown and Gwendolyn Collins.
  • Rachelle Casseus and Lorraine James.
  • Kim Huffman and Kyla Kane.
  • Darren Felbel and Fred Stinson.
  • Rob Mills and Robert Borges.
  • Sean Skene and Marchant Liam.
  • Dan Duran and Maya Board.
  • Susan Kelso and James June.
  • Jacqueline Calkin and Karen Valleau.
  • Tristan Carlucci and Suzanne Pringle.

The directors are Craig William Macneill and Steven Piet. Among the producers, it is important to name Nick Antosca, Don Mancini, Erik Crary, Dawn Parouse.


The Main aim of this season of the serial is to breathe the new life into creepypastas. Here you will notice a lot of urban legends. The plot is built on Kris Straub`s Candle Cove and here you will see Mike Painter in the Main role. He is a child psychologist and now he returned to his town because his twins brother disappeared. He decided to find him by different allowed means. He even comes to a TV show to present his Story.


This serial will be the most Interesting for adults because children wouldn’t understand the Main idea and unusual plot. If you have a free time, watch this and you will be satisfied. Each new episode will bring you the most unforgettable emotions.

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