Caught on Camera Season 4

Caught on Camera Season 4 Release Date


Caught on Camera is a reality TV serial with documental effects. Here you will see the most exciting videos, which will amaze people of different age. The season premiere was on December in the year of 2014, but now it`s time to present the 4th season. The Caught on Camera 4 Season release date is the 9th of November in the year of 2016.


Here in the Main role you will see the next people in the cast:

  • Contessa Brewer.
  • Alex Albrecht.
  • Luis Carone Blumenfield.
  • Francois.
  • Jonah Peretti.
  • Lauren Adams.
  • Maxwell Allen.

The producers are Benjamin Ringe, Loren Michelman, Keith McKay, Mike Schultz, Bonnie Drucker, Matson Erica, Jessica Sherry, Judith Greenberg, Sandra McDaniel.


This show is already clear for everybody. Here each week people send their videos to the narrators of the serial. But there is a condition, which must be taken into account – video must be funny and exciting. Here the animal or the person can play the Main role.

It is important to tell about lots of sections, in which all the videos are divided. The running time doesn’t matter, but the Main aim of it must be to present funny and new situation with an unexpected end.

This show gives the people the best opportunity to be better, that the others. In this TV program videos play an important role, so if you will be a winner, you will get a price.

It`s great, that people are ready for the participation in such shows. The money price is the aim of the lot of them, but there are also the people, who just want to become popular in the world of fun. In our time it is too hard to amaze the people and to be the best contestant, but each year the show started to be more popular and exciting.


The reality and comedy genres are connected in this TV show. If you will like this one, you can see the other shows with the same plots. Each new episode will bring you laugh and positive mood, so you will be really happy to see the new season of such serial.

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Caught on Camera Season 4 1
Caught on Camera Season 4 2
Caught on Camera Season 4 3

Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon – Killing It on Vine (Episode Highlight)

Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon – A Soldier’s Emotional Reunion (Episode Highlight)

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