Catfish: The TV Show Season 6

Catfish: The TV Show Season 6 Release Date


On MTV Channel Catfish: The TV Show Season 6 started to launch.

That is an American reality season premiere, that is based on the truth and lies. It appeared in the year of 2010. And in all these years it becomes really popular, because of the interesting and unusual plot, that is shown here.


Here in this story, you will see a lot of interesting moments. Among them, we must mention only the two characters, who appear in each episode. They are the main cast:

  • Nev Schulman.
  • Max Joseph.

The genre of the serial is a reality. It is based on the novel “Catfish”, which was written by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. The story was developed by Nev and Ariel Schulman, Max Joseph. Among the executive producers, we must mention Ariel Schulman, Andrew Jarecki, Brad Bishop, Henry Joost, David Metzler, Johnathan Karshis, Julie Link Steffens, Mark Smerling, Marshall Eisen, Nev Shulman and Guillermo Bonilla.


If you will search on the internet, you will know, what catfish means. That is a person, who like to create new profiles on the internet with the usage of pictures, which was made by the other people. Also, they tell the false information if biography because their main aim is to be like other people. They try to hide the real personality. So, what is the main aim of such person? He or she always intend a real person to communicate on different topics and when the person is fall in love, she or she decide to leave.

The plot of the serial is connected with the term “catfish”. Here in the center of attention, you will see the two people, who have the aim to struggle with such people on the internet. Their names are Joseph and Schulman. One day the victim decided to ask for a help and they are really amazed of such proposition. The online romance lasts so long, but when it must break down, the experts use their knowledge and strength. The person was punished for such a behavior.


It is rather interesting to see, how different are people of the Earth. The one group is always happy and try to live fully, but, as for the other group, here we must mention, that the deals are not so easy.

If you were in the same situation or you don’t want to be in it, we propose you to see that serial. Each new episode lasts about 40 minutes, so it wouldn’t be so hard to watch it from the beginning till the end.

The Catfish: The TV Show 6 Season release date is the 19th of March.  When we will present the information about season air date, we mustn’t forget, that it is the same.

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