Catastrophe Season 3

A new situational comedy about a couple that is expecting a baby started last year. But we have already two seasons at our disposal on various online resources. The latest chapter was brought to airing in fall 2015 creating in such a way a tradition of releasing the new episodes twice a year. Moreover, the serial has come to be already resumed for the third season according to the present posture of affairs.

Basic data about the new comedy on Channel 4

Being a feather in the cap of the British producers, the serial makes particularly for the situational comedy that touches the way of building relationships when the baby is expected. The broadcasting is held on the British channel named Channel 4. The serial was also shown to American viewers if to be more concrete to the subscribers of Amazon Prime Instant Video in the previous summer. The opening was set on the original home channel half a year earlier particularly in the middle of January 2015.
The pioneer season includes only six parts. The story turns to be generated by such company as Avalon Television and Merman. The team of producers includes such names as Sharon Horgan, Rob Delaney, Richard Allen-Turner, Jon Thoday and Kara Baker. The first two mentioned persons are considered to the leaders of the behind-the-scene crew creating the very scenario of the project and taking an immediate part in the serial as the members of the acting cast.
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Events in the story

The serial is a narrative of the life of a resident of London named Sharon Morris who serves as a teacher and the inhabitant of Boston called Rob Norris. They have turned to experience a love affair that hasn’t lasted much long but has some consequences. The thing is that Sharon is now in the family way.
The story revolves particularly around their attempts to cope with this not so favorable situation and this challenge that life has offered to them. Here the collision of cultural values which both characters have due to them being related to the residents of different counties with the diverse views of life.

Ratings and renewals

Catastrophe Season 3 Cast
Aired in two English-speaking states from which the central characters come, the serial turns to be appraised very much highly in both these countries. The serial is a composition of a two variants of English humor that is used in the USA and in the UK. Moreover, the performance of the leading actor and actress is very much h convincing. All these and other positive aspects are named by common viewers and critics as the very reason for the success of the story that has garnered about 1.5 million viewers in front of their TV sets.
As it has been announced at the end of the preceding month, the immediate scenario writers are now developing the continuation of the beloved by everyone story. Consequently, we are to be gladdened by the third chapter of the serial in the near future. However, so far we are not aware of the Catastrophe season 3 release date. It seems like a bit early for such things that’s why we should wait so some time until official information appears.


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