Call Me Church Season 1 Release Date

Call Me Church Season 1 Release Date


If you like the art in its purest form then try watching the new web series called Call Me Church about the young generation of YouTube bloggers who try to find their way in a contemporary world.

In the end of 2016 you should expect Call Me Church season 1 release date on YouTube. Probably in December of 2016 there will be disclosed some info about Call Me Church season 1 release on Bluray and DVD.


Kate Church in Call Me Church season 1 premiere will be played by Chelsea Marie.  Kathy Towns is Jasmine Spacer. Jasmine is a rising star in the Youtube world. Natasha Wise plays Louise Murphy, an old companion of Kate’s and Jasmine’s. Jason Collins is playing Monty Henderson, the maker who found Jasmine Spacer. Midge Mullin plays Harry, a Kate’s lone companion. Louis John Brzozka will perform as Alan Memory being Jasmine’s greatest fan. Christian Dalton is Sam Peters, one of Monty’s first examples of overcoming adversity. Becky Louise is Amanda Leighton. Amanda is a timid motion picture fan who conveys the most recent film news, through a YouTube podcast. Emily Carding is Siobhan Spacer, being decimated at the loss of her girl, Siobhan is a shell of her previous self. Tom Menary will star as Joseph, who is fixer for Monty.


Kate Church is the fundamental hero of Call Me Church, yet who is she? The accompanying featurette will answer all inquiries you may have about the character.  Kate Church is a 22 year old, living in the Devon region. In her initial years, she was a splendid, ingenious young lady. She was brighter than the vast majority of her cohorts, conceived with a sharp feeling of associations. She could make sense of things that nobody else could with an oddly intense feeling of the master plan than children her own age, even her educators to a few regards. This implied she was for the most part distanced by the children she went to class with. They were debilitated by her insight. It was at this early age, Kate Church discovered that there was little point in placing confidence in individuals.

Her first genuine companions, she met in optional school. Louise Murphy was a bashful, young lady who was pulled in to Kate’s red hot identity. Through Louise, Kate met Jasmine Spacer, the school’s prevalent young lady, who had become out of the Queen Bee scene. Then three turned out to be truly solid companions. They spent the vast majority of their childhoods together. For the sake of entertainment, then three made their own particular counterfeit private analyst organization, where they would find missing pets or keep an eye on possibly tricking sweethearts for their companions. For Louise and Jasmine, it was only a senseless diversion from exams, something alluring they hauled out of a film. For Kate, it was an enlivening. She was surprisingly great at it, her capacity to get to the master plan and draw associations sparkling. The enthusiasm of it vanished, yet Louise and Jasmine always remembered how Kate appeared to wake up when it came to pursuing down a case.

Interesting Facts

  • Call Me Church will be an 8-episode mystery drama that for now will have only one season and be released for free on YouTube channel;

Luke King Abbott as the Main director and creator of Call Me Church season 1 premiere, previously worked at the project called Rewind (being based on the popular video game Life Is Strange made by Dontnod).

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