Cake Boss Season 9

Cake Boss Season 9 Release Date


Cake Boss is a reality TV serial, which appears on cable television. It was produced and created in America, so it will amaze you almost. Here in the center, you will see the family, which have the business in Carlo`s Bake Shop. This year you are welcome to see the 9th season premiere of the serial, which is full of unforgettable events. The Cake Boss 9 Season release date is the 11th of September this year.


In this serial, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful play of the most talented Actors. Here they will surprise you by good playing and the atmosphere, which allow you to see each new episode again and again. So, the present cast includes the following people:

  • Bartolo Buddy Valastro.
  • Mauro Castano.
  • Joseph Joey Faugno.
  • Frank Frankie Amato.
  • Danny Dragone.
  • Grace Faugno (nee Valastro).
  • Maddalena Castano.
  • Mary Sciarrone.
  • Lisa Valastro.
  • Elisabetta Valastro.
  • Maurizio Belgiovine.
  • Ralph Attanasio.
  • Marissa Lopez.

Among the past cast we must mention:

  • Mary Valastro Pinto.
  • Remigio Gonzalez.
  • Salvatore Picinich.
  • Kevin Grand.
  • Tony Albanese.
  • Daniella Storzillo.
  • Stephanie Fernandez.
  • Dana Herbert.
  • Ashley Holt.
  • Paul Conti.
  • Anthony Bellifemine.

The executive producers are Jim Berger, Art Edwards, Matt Walker, Scott Feeley, Pamela Healey. Among the producers, we must mention Casey Bauer and Laney McVicker. The editors are Patrick Bryant, David McCurley, Christopher Schultz, Stacey Martins, and David Miers.


In the center of attention, you will see Buddy Valastro. He is very popular by his own restaurant business. He created it with his family and its title is Carlo`s Bake Shop. It brings him the unbelievable success. In this season you will see the problems, which have the owners of such organization.

Also, you will understand, that with help of the closest people in your life you can do different things because they will aspire you.


The duration of each new episode is 22 minutes. But you will also see the episodes, which lasts 42 minutes. They are really special. When there is a necessity to know the season air date, you can use the information below.

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