Broadchurch Season 3

In 2013, another criminal drama broke into the television broadcast which was accepted quite positively. Currently we have two seasons at our disposal and are waiting for the promised renewal in the form of the series 3.

Basic info you need to know about the project

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Broadchurch is a criminal TV series broadcast in the UK. It is also a result of inspiration obtained from the project Jurassic Coast of Britain and also the musical works by Olafur Arnalds who is considered to be the author of soundtracks to the serial. The home channel for the serial is ITV.
The developer of the story is the one and the only screenwriter and director named Chris Chibnall. The project appeared on TV screens at the beginning of spring 2013. Each episode’s duration is practically the entire hour of constant suspense in which the viewers are kept. The second part appeared at the start of the previous year. So there is a hope that this year we are about to be pleased by the following third season.
The performing cast is composed of such persons as Olivia Colman, Jodie Whittaker, and David Tennant. These are the principal actors in the serial.

What is the story itself?

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The action place is reckoned to be a small coastal countryside town titled Dorset. One day, a crime of murder of an 11 -year old boy is committed by a stranger. This tragic event caused a great stir in the town’s community which seems like tearing apart. This crime is at the stage of investigation during all seasons. In such a way the developers seem to whet the viewers’ appetite urging them to watch each episode keeping the real killer in secret even from the members of the acting cast. It raises only one question: do they think that they can tell this info to their admirers? No matter what the reason for it is, this turns to be good film marketing, frankly speaking.
So in order not to fly off at a tangent, let’s keep scrutinizing the narrative.  The second chapter centers on two storylines: the hearing of a case of Joe Miller and the resumption of the Sandbrook investigation.

Rating and possible renewal

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At the end of February of the previous year, it became known that the serial is to be resumed for the third chapter. It was announced only about the year of the anticipated launch – 2016 year. We are aware that the filming of the series started in the previous summer.
Broadchurch is considered to be very popular not only in the UK but also in the whole world. Just imagine that only in the home country of the serial the average number of audiences each episode counts more than 9 million people.  This can be reckoned as an absolute breakthrough. The serial was nominated, moreover, for many reputable awards.
The critically acclaimed Broadchurch season 3 release date remains now unknown in spite of the fact that since the announcement about the renewal the entire year has already past. It seems like we are to obtain the news very soon. So stay tuned in order not to skip the debut of the third chapter of your favorite serial.


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