Brief Encounters Season 2

That’s a dramedy series created in Great Britain. The creators and the developers are Fay Rusling and Oriane Messina.They are also the executive producers. There are six episodes in the first season of the project. The first episode was released on the 4th of July 2016. The original idea belongs to Jacqueline Gold and her novel named Good Vibrations: The True Story.


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The action is set in 1980s. The plot is centered on four women leading their ordinary lives with their everyday struggles. They deal with their family lives, social lives and professional issues. They later become a part of Ann Summers’ business. She’s got a very unusual business connected with selling sexy lingerie and sex products. The goods are sold personally, in private, at customers’ homes. Brief Encounters gained its popularity due to marvelous comedy and drama twists. The show is filled with hilarious twists, hearty laughs and slightly dirty action.


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Brief Encounters was called joyful and warm. That’s a very sparky drama series full of heart. It’s about women ready to make life-changing decisions no matter what they are connected with. That’s a drama created BY women, not only FOR women. It’s a set of dramatic storylines revealing life changing difficulties of all characters in the series.
The creators of Brief Encounters managed to juggle a mass of contrasting characters resulting in appealing stories flashing out with bright emotions and standout humor. Four female characters in the center of the story are strong, stubborn and often surprising. They are mothers, wives and friends.
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Release Date

Brief Encounters passed through a successful premiere with about 5 million viewers. IMDb ratings are quite high. The show is yet to be renewed for the second season and all we have to do is wait for the official news on the renewal. The fans think it to be fantastic series successfully mixing two contrasting genres in it performed by a talented cast. ITV is still in the process of making a decision on that.


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