Born This Way Season 3

Born This Way is a very unpredictable and touching reality series released in the USA.  It received numerous awards and nominations and multiple positive critics’ reviews. The cameras follow lives of 7 people having Down Syndrome and working hard in order to get closer to the desired goals in life.

Born This Way Season 3 date release

The show is filled with honesty, heart and humor. Born This Way is one of the most popular and most important reality series ever released by A&E. It features incredible, outgoing personalities with unpredictable talents and abilities. Seven participants of the project have Down syndrome. Every new episode that lasts for one hour tells a story of their aspirations, dreams, fears and passions. These extraordinary people experience true friendships and romantic relationships. However, most of the time they have to fight with expectations of the society. They have to resist general attitude of people in order to finally live independent of their opinions. They pass through numerous challenges and face never-ending troubles. They slowly realize that they are a lot more than simply different from the others. They’re unique and they’re able to be proud of it no matter what happens and what society will think of it.

Born This Way Season 3


The participants of the project are people with Down syndrome.

  • Rachel deals with mail in an insurance agency. Hopes to find her true love. She’s fond of Adam Lambert.
  • Sean is a successful sportsman. He’s a perfect golf player. His best friend’s girlfriend is his secret love interest. He’s planning to finally leave his parents’ home in order to start a fully independent life.
  • John Tucker is willing to develop as a rap artist. Fond of rapping and dancing.
  • Steven is a dishwasher at a grocery store. He also deals with customers. Calls Down Syndrome an “Up Syndrome” (served as a title for the premiere episode of Born This Way).
  • Cristina is a builds her career at middle school. The name of her fiancé is Angel.
  • Megan Bomgaars deals with fashion industry willing to turn into a film producer. Tries to become independent from her mom. Wants to live on her own, find a caring husband and give birth to a baby.
  • Elena lives independently and is proud of it. Goes to high school and is fond of dancing.

Born This Way Season 3

Third Season Air Date

A&E has officially renewed the show for season 3, however, the upcoming season release date is unknown yet. When we get more info on the release of Born This Way, we will let you know.

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